Alchemy is a profession that can use herbs to create powerful potions and elixirs.

To learn Alchemy, you need to visit an Alchemy Trainer and purchase an Alchemist's Training Manual.


Alchemy is a crafting profession complementary to Herbalism.


Name Skill Level Required Price
Wooden Mortar none 76Copper
Bronze Mortar 15 17Silver 10Copper
Brass Mortar 25 95Silver
Golden Mortar 40 4Gold 94Silver

List of recipes

In the following link you can see a list of Alchemy Recipes, listing potions, their effects and required ingredients.


A list of herbs can be found here, detailing each plant's agents.

Skill leveling

Your skill level is capped at your level (if your character is level 13 then your level cap in alchemy will be 13)

To begin, making the stain remover:

  1. Purchase the training manual and click it to memorize it.
  2. Purchase the Wooden Mortar and some Ether (You will use Ether for ALL recipes up until skill level 10).
  3. Right click the mortar. The alchemy window will open (this is where you will mix herbs)
    Allods Online Alchemy Blindness
  4. While the alchemy window is open hit (B) or open your bags and choose the crafting tab
  5. All herbs in alchemy have up to four agents and all recipes require at least two agents. For instance, Ether has four blindness agents and stain remover requires two blindness agents to make.
  6. Now go to the Crafting Tab in your bag. You'll find the Ether. Right click the bottle. You will notice your left test tube got filled with some items. These are the blindness agents. Click the bottle again and now both test tubes are filled up. Now click BOIL and the items in the test tube will tumble like a slot machine. See the arrows on top and bottom of each test tube? You can click either top or bottom arrows to try and "influence" the final product. You have a limited number of goes to "influence" the final product each time. As Ether only has blindness agents, and as Common Stain Remover only needs blindness agents, you won't need to use these. This will make your STAIN REMOVER. Ceesha / Destiny Seekers

Potions with Two or More Agents

This is the next step in potion making (In this example, I am using Common Potion of the Marathoner, but you can make any potion that requires two differing agents). To create this potion you will need: Ether, a herb with the haste agent (e.g, Potent Hops) and your wooden mortar. Open your alchemy window. Click your haste herb to place the ingrediant into the left test tube. Next, click the Ether to place this into the left testube. Click BOIL.

Potent Hops has haste, damage, persistence and stargazer's aspect as its agents. Therefore, three random agents will appear in the left test tube once it has been spun. These can be any combination of the four agents e.g, haste, haste, dam
Allods Online Alchemy 2

Look for those (yellow) arrows above and below the test tube. This is where you can "tweak" the test tube. You're looking to have haste in the left tube, so press the arrows until this is the case (see picture). If you manage this, you will see the Common Potion of the Marathoner to the right of the test tubes. If you do not have haste on the left and blindness on the right, you will instead create Strange Mixture. Either way, right click the bottle once to put it onto a loot a second time to place into your bag.

As you level up in Alchemy, you will be introduced to recipes that require three or more agents. These are made in exactly the same way as explained above, except you have three to five test tubes to balance. To unlock three test tubes, you will need a brass mortar, for four, a bronze mortar and for five, a golden mortar. Please note, you can still make potions like Common Potion of the Marathoner with a brass, bronze or golden mortar.

Ceesha / Destiny Seekers

Mindmancer / Aidenus elites

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