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Allodsbase is a talent calculator for Allods Online. It's main purpose is to help the users create talent builds and share them with other players.

"About calculator

What is it?

This is a talent calculator for Allods Online which helps to create builds and show these to other players.

How to use this calculator?

To level up a talent or a ruby left-click on it.

To level down right-click them.

Opera users can use Ctrl+Left-click.

To lock a build click on the lock which is located near "Required level".

When you open a build by link calculator is locked.

To reset talents or rubies click on one of the crosses .

You can use browser's Back/Forward buttons to undo/redo actions.

How to give build to someone?

1.Create a build.

2.Copy address of „Link to this build“ link.

3.Share this link.

  • Characteristics don't pass with link."(quote from "Allodsbase")