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Astral Confrontation
PvP Event
Level:  51
Players:  24 vs 24

Astral Confrontation is the culmination of events that lead to guild vs. guild warfare. The objectives for attackers are to capture the four checkpoints and defeat the Great Mage at the end. The sole objective of the defenders is to prevent the attackers from completing their objectives. This event can be pre-planned by both sides and can choose who joins in the conflict.

Each checkpoint has 100 points on it. Each point takes roughly 20s to be reduced and requires one attacker. Each attacker on the point reduces the time it takes by roughly .9s. Each defender on the point prevents the effect of one attacker.

There are cannons protecting each point. A shot from the cannon requires a 5s charge-up time and has the look and AoE radius of a meteor. All those affected by the shot take 50% of their max HP as true damage (goes through mounts, barriers, etc) directly to their health. Those on the same team cannot be affected by a shot fired by their teammate. Either side can control any cannon.

A death will set the player back at their last checkpoint (for attackers) or the next checkpoint (for defenders) where they will have to wait 30s before they can rejoin the battle.

CP 1

This is a small area with a cannon overlooking the point. The cannon has a fence in the front 180 degrees, a top-root tree and some boxes in the back 150 degrees, and two 15 degree openings (about 10y ea) on the sides. Getting up the hill to the cannon requires coming in from the back or sides and generally favors the defenders.

CP 2

This is a medium area with three cannons looming on sheer drops over the point. Cannon 1 is on the South side, Cannon 2 is on the West side, Cannon 3 is on the North side, and there's a small lagoon on the East side. The slope of the hill wraps close around the back side of the cannons with a farther alternate route that connects Cannons 1 and 3. Cannons 1 and 3 can fire upon the point and Cannon 2 while Cannon 2 can fire on the other three.

There is a fence covering 320 degrees on each of the cannons with the entrance centered on the back. This point favors the defenders, who are able to control at least 2 cannons at the start.

CP 3

This is a tiny, standoff area with long, sloping hills leading up to either cannon. The slope on the right points toward the team moving towards it. The cannons are real close and have a wide enough aim to fire at either their own slope or the other cannon's slope. The point is in the middle of the two and is highly susceptible to incoming fire.

The Attacker's Cannon is fenced in for about 320 degrees with the entrance situated behind it. There's also two sets of boxes inside the fence that limit the LoS and provide cover for those inside. The Defender's Cannon is surrounded for about 320 degrees of fence with the entrance on the left side. There's a pile of boxes along the back side of the fence.

Although the Attacker's Cannon is easier to defend, the Defenders have the advantage of being able to set up first and can defend easily with both cannons. This point is in high favor to the defenders.

CP 4

This a large area has two cannons that can barely cover their side firing on the point. The moat around the point is the only real obstacle around, and the sheer cliffs can provide sniper nests for long-range scouts.

This point is favored towards the attackers, as the defendability of the point is negligible. The moat is a double-edged sword for defenders trying to ride in on a mount.

Great Mage

The last area is a non-respawnable point for the Defenders. It also features a boss monster for the Attackers to defeat in order to finish their objectives. The area is medium-sized with a fence surrounding the base camp, a path on the surrounding hill that runs around it, and tents and boxes littering the inside of the encampment.

Upon completion of the objectives, the attackers have a choice of capturing, plundering, or razing the allod. Capturing the allod will remove the defenders from the allod and have the attackers own it for the next week. Plundering the allod will allow the defenders to stay on the allod and provide split resources for both guilds for the next week. Razing the allod will remove the defenders from the allod and no one gains resources from it for the next week.

No guild can have more than one owned allod at a time, and capturing an allod automatically removes them from their old allod.