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"Sector" is a navigational term that describes the approximate location and properties of specific groups of Astral Hubs.

Each sector is named after an element, with a "concentration" prefix that refers to the Astral Layer where it can be found (it also hints at the difficulty of sailing through the sector). Thus, "Pure" sectors are located in the First Astral Layer, "Diluted" and "Concentrated" in the Second Layer etc.

See also: Astral Frontier Map.

First Astral Layer

Pure Arsenic Sector
Pure Chromium Sector
Pure Copper Sector
Pure Gold Sector
Pure Iron Sector
Pure Lead Sector
Pure Mercury Sector
Pure Phosphorus Sector
Pure Silicon Sector
Pure Silver Sector
Pure Sulfur Sector
Pure Tin Sector

Second Astral Layer

Diluted Arsenic Sector
Diluted Chromium Sector
Diluted Copper Sector
Diluted Gold Sector
Diluted Iron Sector
Diluted Lead Sector
Diluted Mercury Sector
Diluted Phosphorus Sector
Diluted Silicon Sector
Diluted Silver Sector
Diluted Sulfur Sector
Diluted Tin Sector
Concentrated Lead Sector
Concentrated Mercury Sector
Concentrated Phosphorus Sector
Concentrated Silicon Sector
Concentrated Sulfur Sector
Concentrated Tin Sector

Third Astral Layer

Smoking Arsenic Sector
Smoking Chromium Sector
Smoking Copper Sector
Smoking Gold Sector
Smoking Iron Sector
Smoking Lead Sector
Smoking Mercury Sector
Smoking Phosphorus Sector
Smoking Silicon Sector
Smoking Silver Sector
Smoking Sulfur Sector
Smoking Tin Sector
Scorching Lead Sector
Scorching Mercury Sector
Scorching Phosphorus Sector
Scorching Silicon Sector
Scorching Sulfur Sector
Scorching Tin Sector