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Collect Quest

Questing is a common term in MMORPGs to describe doing tasks to gain experience and level up.

Quest basics

Many players argue that quests are the best and fastest way to level up, get good gear, and earn decent money in Allods.

Questing is simple; you start at a quest giver denoted by a bright yellow exclamation mark above their head, right-click to talk to them to accept the quest. Once you accept the quest, the yellow exclamation mark fades and it becomes a grey question mark. Follow the objective(s) of the quest and return to the quest giver to turn it in. When you complete a quest, the gray exclamation point above the NPC turns into a green check mark. When you turn in your quest, you may be asked to select an item, of your choice, if there are multiple rewards.

Many quests only reward you with, either or all, reputation, gold, and experience. Quests are excellent way to integrate into your regular grinding activity as it provides information about the Allods world and creates a storyline.

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