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Stat points play a very significant role in Allods Online. There are 14 different stats in the game. You receive one stat point every time you level, which you can allocate into any stat you want.

Most of the stat points are received as gear bonuses, but the stats you get from leveling are still important, so it is a good idea to do some research before allocating them. Some general guidelines can be found on the Stats for each class page. Most build guides also include information about optimal stat allocation.


Increases the damage done by physical attacks.


Lowers the damage reduction of opponent's armor, or entirely ignores the armor.


Lowers chances to miss with physical attacks.


Increases chance to Dodge, Block or Parry incoming physical attacks.


Increases the chance to deal a Critical Strike (double damage), and lowers the chance to deal a Glancing Blow (half damage).


Lowers the chance to receive a Critical Strike, and increases the chance that the incoming attack will be a Glancing Blow.


Increases maximum hitpoints.


Increases damage done by spells and magical attacks.


Determines the chance that an opponent will resist a spell, and the amount of resisted damage.


Increases the chance of success and duration of control abilities.


Increases the chance to resist opponents' control abilities, and lowers their duration.


Increases the Wound Complexity of your attacks. Complex wounds are harder to heal.


Ignores a portion of target's wound complexity, making it easier to heal.


Increases maximum mana, and mana/energy regeneration rate.

Resetting Stats/Talents

Resetting talent or stat points (respeccing) in this game is not an easy thing to accomplish, so do some research before allocating them. To reset talents, you need to acquire Water of Death. To reset stats, you need Water of Life. Bring any of them to your class trainer, and you'll be able to re-allocate the spent points.