This begins after you have chosen your charactor and get transferred to the training zone called, "Clement's Tower".

Q=Quest T=Tab R=Reward Exp=Experience

See Svetobor Ratnev: Q: Audience with Great Mage. Follow to Clement de Desirae. R: gain 110 exp. After explosion see Svetober Ratnev.

See Svetobor Ratnev: Q: To Arms! He will give you a weapon. Right click to equip weapon. R: gain Exp.110

See Svetobor Ratnev: Follow. Q: Lab Rat Extermination: Kill 3 rats. R: Survivors cloth or leather slippers and gain 110 exp.

See Svetobor Ratnev Q: Talk to Busei Hopelesaev in Clement's Tower. R: gain 110 exp. Go straight to see Buslei Hopelesaev.

See Buslai Hopelesaev Q: That Damned Zoo. Go to zoo and kill the manticore. Find out the fate of Leshko Hopelesaev. R: gain 275 exp. Go through doors and kill young manticore.

See Buslai Hopelesaev Q: Report to Svetobor Ratnev R: gain 180 exp. Go straight.

See Svetobor Ratnev. Q: Survive! Slay Kanian traitor and Kurbat Meshersky and speak to Glok the Knife. R: gain 480 exp. Turn to left on Sveltobor laying on floor and jump down hole.

See Glok the Knife. R: gain 480 exp. Q: The Elixir of Invulnerability. Find and drink the elixir. Return to Glok the Knife. R: Survivor's cloth or leather pants and gain 360 exp. To find elixir: Wooden trunk should be "glowing", click to open. Open bag (press "B") and right click elixir to drink.

See Glock and follow. Q: The Mage's Niece. Find Amanda de Desirae. R: gain 120 exp. Doors open. Go through, turn right and go to bottom of stairs.

See: Amanda de Desirae Q: Escape to Portal. Follow to right, go downstairs. R: gain 130 exp. As you follow Amanda you will kill various mobs. Push "Z" key to loot to bag. These are you first loots.

See: Shpok the Knife for reward. Q: Death to the Demonologist. Slay Raimond de Doucer then talk to Amanda de Desirae. R: your choice of Survivors' mace, staff or dagger plus gain 780 exp.

Follow Shpok and Amanda to the right and down the stairs. KIll demonologist.

See Shpok the knife. Q: Evacuation. Kill Astral demons. Reward: Survivor's leather jacker or cloth robe and gain 390 exp.

Follow Shpok until door opens then back up to Amanda. Mobs will come into room one at a time. Final mob is named, "Shadowy Predator". Lure Shadowy Predator to the trap that looks like a glowing circle on the floor with a floating star in its middle.

See: Amanda de Desirae: Q: The Oath to Novograd. Use portal to escape. R: Survivor's shield or discolored health potion. Also receive 2 silver coins and 14 copper coins plus gain 1950 exp.. Money will be written as "g,s,c"= gold, silver, copper. Example: 3g,2s,1c= 3 gold, 2 silver, 1 copper.

You are finished with training. Go to portal on floor to exit to Savior's Coast on Evermeet Isle.

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