Blacksmithing is a profession that can use ores to create suits of armor.

To learn Blacksmithing, you need to visit a Blacksmithing Trainer and purchase a Blacksmith's Training Manual.


Blacksmithing is a crafting profession complementary to Mining.

Blacksmithing and Mining have been combined to both be the same profession. Mining harvests metal ore and Blacksmithing uses that Ore to create different kinds of reagents which are then used to make plate armor.


You need to purchase a Portable Forge and a Pick from the Mning and Blacksmithing trainers.

The Forge can be upgraded to give additional reworking of the crafting nodes, to give additional locks on the crafting nodes, to give increased inspiration, and to prevent grey quality crafting nodes.

The Forge and the Pick have higher level counterparts at level 20 and 40

List of recipes

Skill Mechanics

To begin creating items, right-click on the Forge in your inventory, select the item you wish to craft and then click the create button.

Clicking the create button will open up a crafting minigame with 5 crafting nodes of varying colors (Gray, Green, Blue, and Purple), 3 or 4 locks (Depending on your Forge upgrades), an Inspiration meter, an Inspiration button,a reforge button, and a craft button.

Using your locks and your reforgebutton, attempt to match all of the node colors. When making reagents out of ore matching greens will create 2, matching blues will create 4 and matching purples will create 8. A mismatched set will create 1. When making equipment matching greens will create 2 uncommon quality armor, matching blues will create 1 rare quality armor, and matching purples will create 1 epic quality armor. A mismatched set will give you 1 green quality armor, and making a matching set with leftover reforge attempts will create one additional piece of equipment of the same quality.

Increasing the skill

As soon as you get the profession in Novograd or Nezebgrad from your trainer dont forget to buy an "Apprentice's Portable Forge". Trainer will provide you with the materials for starting quest. Use ALL before giving in the quest so you can get your skill as high as possible without buying or mining more materials. Once you are done with that you should have 15-20 BS (blacksmithing) skill. Now you should use your mining skill (which comes with Blacksmithing) to mine ore and create reagents to make armor. All of the armor you create will bind to you until you reach a certain skill level (Level needed). You may view your skill level progress in the professions tab of your Character Info screen (Hotkey "i"). Your maximum skill level is your characters level.


Blacksmithing is a relatively expensive profession since you will need reagents (Such as Coal) to craft things. The higher level you get the more expensive the alternative reagents become, so you would do well to sell your additional ore on the Auction House to fund your continued Blacksmithing Advancement. It is best to use Mining to provide the materials needed to make the reagents that can be turned into armor.

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