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This is the general category for guides of Allods Online.

Warden Guides

Ninim_'s Guide to the Warden - This guide is for the Astral Odyssey but it is full of some VERY useful information that still applies to the Warden today.

Kurote's Warden Builds for Patch 2.0.06: Undaunted - This is full of some builds for the Warden.

Paladin Guides

Compassone's [Guide Paladins, with In-Depth DPS Development] - This is a nice guide to learn about the Paladin and how it works!

Scout Guides

Rotcjames' Comprehensive scout leveling guide [2.0.06] - This guide is full of Tips and Tricks for levelling your Scout! It includes some builds and a FAQ section. So far this is the most recent and most in-depth guide i've seen.

Healer Guides

Omgroux's [2.0.06 Leveling as a Caster Healer!] - This is a new little guide about how to level as a Caster Healer and everybody seems to like it!

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