This is a list of Helm devices that are available in the game (you can add more helm types to the category by using the Template:Helm).

Helms are the steering wheels that turn the ship left and right.

There are two turn speeds. Sharp turns make the ship turn faster, but consume more energy than regular turns.

Damaged helms sometimes get stuck, making it impossible to turn or even to stop turning the ship. Certain demons use special attacks that have similar effects.

Helms can be found as loot in Gold sectors.


  • Strength: durability (hitpoints) of the device
  • Weight: weight of the device (affects the speed of the ship)
  • Maneuverability: affects the speed of turning the ship
  • Energy Consumption: the amount of reactor energy consumed (heat generated) by turning the ship

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Marker-empty HelmStrengthWeightManeuverabilityEnergy C.
Marker-greenUp-to-date Helm I100020.3215
Marker-empty Large Helm I13002.60.2645.5
Marker-empty Small Helm I7501.50.1526.25
Marker-empty Reinforced Helm I11002.20.2235
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Helm I11502.30.3717.25
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Large Helm I14952.990.4721.56
Marker-empty Rare Small Helm I8631.70.1730.1
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Reinforced Helm I12652.530.4117.25
Marker-greenUp-to-date Epic Large Helm I17193.440.5625.79
Marker-empty Epic Small Helm I9922.00.314.9
Marker-greenUp-to-date Large Helm II17293.460.4225.93
Marker-greenUp-to-date Small Helm II9971.990.2414.96
Marker-greenUp-to-date Reinforced Helm II14632.930.3619.95
Marker-greenUp-to-date Epic Reinforced Helm II19353.870.4726.38
Marker-greenUp-to-date Reinforced Helm III19453.890.3626.53
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Helm III20344.070.3730.51
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Reinforced Helm III22374.480.4130.51
Marker-greenUp-to-date Large Helm III22994.600.4234.49
Marker-greenUp-to-date Small Helm III13262.650.2419.90

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