This is a list of Motor devices that are available in the game (you can add more motor types to the category by using the Template:Motor).

Motors are the engines of the ships, they determine the speed and capacity of a ship. Motor operators can change the ship's current speed, and to exit the Astral Hangar.

The maximum speed of the ship is affected by the speed and power of a motor, the total weight of the devices it has installed, and the amount of treasure chests it is carrying:

  • each treasure chest will reduce the maximum speed of the ship, typically by 0.7-0.9 knots
  • damaged motor will reduce the maximum speed of the ship, so repairing motors is a high priority task
  • ship weight (determined by the weight of all installed devices) that exceeds the Weight Load, will reduce the maximum speed by a percentage (equal to the Ship Weight/Weight Load ratio). In practice it will only happen with the weakest motors such as the default one, since motors are usually upgraded before the device weight becomes an issue.

Motors consume increasing amounts of energy in deeper layers of Astral, especially when moving at the highest speed setting. Second/Third generation motors are necessary to prevent overheating the reactor in these layers.

Motors can be found as loot in Phosphorus sectors.


  • Strength: durability (hitpoints) of the device
  • Weight: weight of the device (affects the speed of the ship)
  • Speed: the absolute maximum speed of the ship
  • Acceleration: the acceleration rate of the ship, knots per second
  • Weight Load: affects the speed of the ship, based on the weight of installed devices
  • Peak Capacity: How much Power/Heat the motor Uses/Generates at max speed *(unconfirmed)

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Marker-empty MotorWeightSpeedAccelerationWeight LoadPeak Capacity
Marker-greenUp-to-date Motor10250.811050
Marker-empty Rare Motor I11.5240.811550
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Bolstered I15.2250.9183.546
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare High-Speed I13.23301.4158.764
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Reinforced I13.22351158.783
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Stream-Lined I11.5351.2513864
Marker-empty Epic Bolstered I18.5240.8185.150
Marker-empty Epic High-Speed I14.5241.1132.250
Marker-greenUp-to-date Epic Stream-Lined I13.2351.4158.750
Marker-greenUp-to-date Reinforced II15.29351.1183.5495.76
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Reinforced II17.58351211.07110.39
Marker-greenUp-to-date Customized Motor(II)19.3440120066.5
Marker-empty Bolstered III24.8240.8247.688.4
Marker-empty High-Speed III19.5241.1176.988.4
Marker-greenUp-to-date Stream-Lined III17.69351.1212.2799.06
Marker-greenUp-to-date Reinforced III20.34351.1244.11127.36
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Motor III20.34300.9244.1181.37
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Reinforced III23.38351280.72146.82
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Stream-Lined III20.34351.25244.11113.21

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