This is a list of ship reactors that are available in the game (you can add more reactor types to the category by using the Template:Reactor).

Ship panel

Reactor at 945 built-up heat, out of 1725 Maximum Load

Reactors provide energy to all ship devices.

Reactor is one of the most important parts of a ship. To choose the ideal reactor, take into consideration the other devices that you are planning to use:

  • if the devices use small amounts of energy but very often, you will need a reactor with lower Maximum Load but with a lot of Power.
  • Power-hungry devices that use more energy but less often (such as Artilleries or powerful Cannons) will benefit more from a less powerful reactor that has higher Maximum Load.
  • The criteria used for choosing shields can be used for choosing a matching reactor as well.
  • As a general rule, more Power is better.

If the ship uses up more energy than the reactor can provide (the Reactor Load indicator will go to red), the reactor will shut down, burst (*discharge mana) or explode. Shutting down will immobilize the ship, bursting (*discharging mana) will damage all devices on the ship, while an explosion will destroy the ship.

Reactors can be found as loot in Arsenic sectors.


  • Strength: durability (hitpoints) of the device
  • Weight: weight of the device (affects the speed of the ship)
  • Maximum Load: the capacity of the reactor (the amount of energy it can generate before it overheats).
  • Power: the amount of heat that is removed every second


  • Emergency Shut Down: Immediately turns off the reactor and all devices until the heat returns to safe levels, which can be useful during an overheat.
  • Self-Destruction: Initiates a self-destruction process that takes several seconds to complete. Mostly useful in PvP.
  • Start Hull Repairs: The hull will be repaired when out of combat, but the repair process will decrease the hull integrity. The lost hull points will be restored when the owner of the ship contracts the Hangar Overseers to repair the ship, and provides enough hardware to start the repairs. Since hull damage can be instantly repaired with no penalty simply by entering any Hangar, this feature should be used only when absolutely necessary.
  • Stop Hull Repairs: Ends the repair process.

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Marker-empty ReactorWeightMaximum LoadPowerNotes
Marker-greenUp-to-date Reactor I25180060-
Marker-greenUp-to-date Compact I 120060 
Marker-greenUp-to-date Energized I 195050 
Marker-greenUp-to-date Pulsing I25165070increased chance to discharge mana (*burst)
Marker-greenUp-to-date Stabilized I33225065particularly unsafe
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare I29207069-
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Compact I21172574.75particularly safe
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Energized I33310557.5-
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Pulsing I29189880.5increased chance to discharge mana (*burst)
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Stabilized I38258874.75particularly unsafe
Marker-greenUp-to-date Epic I33238179.35-
Marker-greenUp-to-date Epic Compact I25198485.96particularly safe
Marker-greenUp-to-date Compact II25.27199586.45particularly safe
Marker-greenUp-to-date Energized II38.57359166.5increased chance to shut down
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare II38.57275391.77-
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Compact II27.93229499.42increased safety
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Energized II43.89412976.47increased chance to shut down
Marker-greenUp-to-date Epic II43.893166105.53-
Marker-greenUp-to-date Compact III 2653115particularly safe
Marker-greenUp-to-date Energized III 477688.4increased chance to shut down
Marker-greenUp-to-date Pulsing III44.222918123.82increased chance to discharge mana (*burst)
Marker-greenUp-to-date Stabilized III58.373980114.98particularly unsafe
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare III51.303661122.05-
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Compact III37.153051132.22increased safety
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Energized III58.375492101.71increased chance to shut down
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Stabilized III67.224577132.22particularly unsafe
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Pulsing III51.303357142.40increased chance to discharge mana (*burst)

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