This is a list of Shield devices that are available in the game (you can add more Shield types to the category by using the Template:Shield).

Astral Shields protect the ship from incoming fire by absorbing most of the damage (certain attacks will always pass through the shields and hit the hull or devices). Choosing the right shields for a ship can be tricky, since different shields are designed for different situations:

  • shields with higher power are usually more useful when the group is trying to avoid prolonged combat (for example, trying to sneak in and out of an allod), in which case the crew expects the shields to soak enough damage without the need to repair. Such shields have a very long cooldown and high energy consumption, that make their use very risky during a long fight with a tough opponent.
  • shields with lower power and fast recovery rate are more efficient when fighting difficult enemies that take some time to kill, since they generate more power in the same time period. Such shields constantly require repairs, but they can protect the hull more reliably in certain situations. They have rather short cooldowns and low energy consumption, so they can be repaired more often without overloading the reactor.

Players generally place high-power shields in front and rear of the ship. Various combinations are used for port and starboard.

Shields can be found as loot in Chromium sectors.


  • Weight: weight of the device (affects the speed of the ship)
  • Power: the amount of damage that can be absorbed by the shield (if the shield power drops to zero, it will no longer absorb damage)
  • Recovery Rate: the number of seconds it takes to restore the shield to full power, after using the Start Astral Shield Repairs feature
  • Charge: cooldown of the Start Astral Shield Repairs feature (1000 equals to 1 second)
  • Energy Consumption: the amount of reactor energy consumed by using the Shield Repairs feature
  • PpS/EpS: the amount of power/energy, that the shield can produce/consume per second if it's constantly repaired as soon as the cooldown resets (for those who might be curious about shield efficiency).


  • Start Astral Shield Repairs: restores the shield to full power after taking damage from an enemy.

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Marker-empty ShieldWeightPowerRecoveryChargeEnergy C.PPSEPS
Marker-greenUp-to-date Astral Shield I5150010300004003710
Marker-greenUp-to-date Massive I7.519005300006705419
Marker-greenUp-to-date Pulsating I6.620001545000480338
Marker-greenUp-to-date Shimmering I3.751200320000200528
Marker-greenUp-to-date Glittering I8.6325005300007707122
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Massive I7.6526501545000550449
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Shimmering I5.75200010300004605011
Marker-greenUp-to-date Resilient I4.316003200002406910
Marker-greenUp-to-date Epic Shimmering I4.9621003200002709111
Marker-greenUp-to-date Epic I6.60260010300005206513
Marker-greenUp-to-date Epic Massive I9.9233005300008809425
Marker-greenUp-to-date Shining I8.79350015450006405810
Marker-greenUp-to-date Glittering II11.4833255300001024.19529
Marker-greenUp-to-date Massive II9.972527530000891.107225
Marker-greenUp-to-date Shimmering II4.9915963200002666911
Marker-greenUp-to-date Pulsating II8.7826601545000638.44410
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Massive II10.1735241545000731.55812
Marker-greenUp-to-date Resilient II1.52128320000319.29213
Marker-greenUp-to-date Glittering III15.274422530000136212638
Marker-greenUp-to-date Massive III13.2733605300001185.169633
Marker-greenUp-to-date Resilient III2.02830320000425.512318
Marker-greenUp-to-date Shimmering III6.632122320000353.789215
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Massive III 46871545000972.97816
Marker-greenUp-to-date Rare Shimmering III10.1735371030000813.78820
Marker-greenUp-to-date Shining III 619115450001132.110318
Marker-greenUp-to-date Epic Shimmering III 3714320000477.616120

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