This is a general list of devices that can be installed on an Astral ship.

Most ship devices are not available directly. They are contained in special crystals, that can be brought to the Astral Hangar Overseer. The Overseer will be able to create a device, but he will also ask for a certain amount of gold and/or special materials.


Currently there are three versions of each device, labeled as generations.

Devices of the first generation are the weakest, and the Hangar Overseer requires only gold to install them. They can be found as loot on allods of the first Astral layer.

Devices of second/third generation are much stronger, and the Overseer will ask for special materials before he'll create them. They can be found as loot on special demons and Ship Wrecks in the second/third Astral layer.

These materials can be crafted by players that have a suitable profession. Materials needed for devices of third generation often require skill level 460 to craft, so only level 46+ players might be able to sell them. They are usually very expensive, so it may be prudent to find out the price (the cost of some devices will exceed several thousands of gold) before trying to install the "best". In many cases, first generation devices can perform equally well, for a much lower cost.

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