Faction: League

Race: Kanian

Archetype: Warrior

03 01 on.png

Armour Type: Leather from level 1, Plate from level 20

Specific Ability: "Champion's Armour", Increases AC of the caster.

Class Background

The Kanians are a warrior race. The art of warfare has flowed in their blood ever since the war against the Orcs. Champions are the backbone of their army. Welcome to the infantry!
“Queen of the battlefield”, “Essence of war”, “Army brotherhood”: just some of the tasks a Champion recruit has to accomplish during their short basic training. Successful completion will give a position in a squad where they will wait until they are ready to be on the front lines.


The Kanian army is distinguished from other races by a very strong competitive spirit between its military units. This spirit has been carefully cultivated by the Generals within the army. The majority of the squad has bold, proud or magnificent names, with their own signs of distinction, mottos and specific colours.

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