Story 02
The planet Sarnaut was once a quiet and peaceful planet, where humans and other races lived a casual and productive life. The population was emancipated and thriving, fighting for larger territories, establishing new countries and living off an economy based on agriculture, crafting and commerce.

Sarnaut was comprised of several continents, each with adequate climates that allowed the prosperous development of the various civilisations and creatures that inhabited them. The largest continent on the planet was Yul, and three separate distinct civilisations were spread across the planet: Elves mainly occupied the Western lands, Humans lived in the Southern lands while Orcs lived in the Eastern lands. In addition to these civilisations, a wide variety of fauna and flora occupied every corner of the planet.

In Sarnaut’s long history, lots of countries appeared, thrived and vanished from sight. One of the most ancient civilisations is the Elven kingdom of Airin in the north-west of Yul. Airin was an autonomous and closed land, providing protection for friendly civilisations and had a strong political system. The southern desert was home to the Zem tribes which vanished over a very short timescale due to a plague at the same time as the Junes curse.

The first human kingdom was created by the Junes. They lived in peace with the Elves for many centuries before a mysterious curse led to its own demise. The Junes almost disappeared, with the details of their downfall a great mystery, causing much debate among historians.

Time passed, and very little happened in the southern lands until a people from the Aro tribe entered the ruins of the June kingdom. This triggered the Great Orc Migration and the former human lands became a battleground during a pitched war between the Aro and Orcs. The Aro were victorious under the leadership of the Great Mage TENSESS and established the Kanian civilisation.

Another hero of this was the Great Mage NEZEB. After victory over the Orcs, relations between the two mages became tense and led to a confrontation. This ended with a magical duel which TENSESS won. NEZEB was banished to the deserts in the south, home of the Zem tribes. NEZEB met a nomadic tribe called the Ugra and became their leader.

Having regrouped and with a new army behind him, NEZEB was ready to confront TENSESS in Kania. NEZEB conquered part of the Kanian lands and Xadagania, a strong independent human country was formed. Here lie the roots of the endless conflict between the Kanians and the Xadaganians.

Several millenniums after the curse, the Great Cataclysm occurred.

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