In the year 4015, life on Sarnaut radically changed due to the Great Cataclysm. It led to the destruction of the planet and the emergence of the Allods. Allods are the name given to islands which were left over after the planet shattered. The islands float in the Astral, expansive substance occupying the space surrounding the former planet. Many people died until the Great Mages discovered a way to support life on these new worlds, allowing some civilisations to continue to survive with their populations.

Story 03

No one is sure what caused the Great Cataclysm, whether it was fate intervening and causing natural selection to lead to survival of the fittest, or whether it was a deliberate action. If destroying the planet was a deliberate event, who would do such a thing and why?

Hence, the reasons behind the Great Cataclysm are a matter of huge debate among mages and scientists. An official version was declared by the Conclave of Great Mages which explained it as a natural process: “… In the beginning was the Astral, a magical substance with creative and destructive components, two sides of the same coin. When I am destructing, I am creating. I am creating things from the shards of the ancient which were chosen by fate to be destroyed. This is the main principle of the Astral. Sarnaut is one of the stages of Astral existence and life, representing the period when "Creative Beginning" overcomes Destruction. That is how the world appeared from the Astral and its inhabitants called it Sarnaut later on.

The meaning of this word is lost today, yet that does not matter as it is just another Astral form. Over the years the Creative beginning weakened and the Destructive one grew stronger, the world was to be destroyed but for the strength of Mages who stopped entropy and supported the fragile balance allowing the world to survive. It is the mission of the Great Mages who were able to take control over Astral and make it a servant of all living beings in Sarnaut…”.

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