Chapter 3: The Schism: Conclave of the Great Mages

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The Conclave of the Great Mages was established ages ago after the fall of the Junes kingdom. Back then, the Conclave comprised of forty mages, seven of which were members of the Council. The Council led and managed the Conclave. The Council was made of the wisest of most ancient mages while any mage could take the test to be part of the Conclave. The examination was dangerous and required excellent magical skills. If successfully completed, a mage would become a member of the Conclave and have access to unpublished materials, free access to other mages knowledge and protection from other mages. As a member of the Conclave, one had to duly respect and obey the Rules of the Conclave.

In the Third millennium of the Old Era, the head of the Council was Great Mage Skrakan. He educated two mages who became his best pupils: Tensess and Nezeb.

Five hundred years after the first confrontation between the Kanians - led by Tensess, and the Xadaganians - led by Nezeb, Skrakan managed to re-establish units in the Conclave of the Great Mages. Tensess and Nezeb were brought to heel under the control of Skrakan.

Over a hundred years after the Great Cataclysm, the Council of the Great Mages was working fine. However, dysfunctions were emerging and the confrontation between Tensess and Nezeb led the Council to split into two parts: the Kanians, led by Tensess and the Xadaganians, led by Nezeb. In spite of Skrakan’s efforts to hold the Council together, in the year of 356 the Conclave of the Great Mages was doomed to vanish. Afterwards, Mages of Kania and Mages of Xadagan could only communicate under the control of Skrakan.

The conflict between the two Great Mages, Tensess and Nezeb, led to several wars as their two countries grew bigger and stronger, leaving other powers no choice but to get involved.

In the beginning of the VIII century of the New Era, two opposing factions were formed: the League and the Empire.

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