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Darkblood Citadel is located in the center of Tenebra.

Bosses and Strategy

  • Rakshana

This spider is up the staircase on the left side of the first room. It's surrounded by smaller spiders that will not respawn if killed (but will aggro the boss and the rest of the spiders). Easiest way to win is to have an AoE class hit everything in the room, have the tank quickly pick up the boss, and CC and kill the adds before focusing the boss.

  • Carlos de Doucer

Two 'mother bats' (ones that spawn others) are on an aggro leash with the boss and don't respawn if killed. The boss can blind and stun single targets. Have the tank get the boss and quickly dispatch of the adds.

  • Twilight Shadow

This boss will put a debuff on targets that reverse the roles of heal spells on allies (hurting instead of healing). This debuff can be cleansed. The only real danger you face with this boss is Divine Forsight and a forgetful healer.

  • Armando de Doucer

After killing the mother bats (they don't aggro the boss) you're ready to fight the last boss. This guy has a stacking vamp skill like the other vampires (if he has full HP, the vamp'd health stays as a buff that heals whenever he does take damage), an AoE fear, and a highly damaging single-target attack. Due to the fearing and the vamp skill, this is a DPS race.