Class introduced with the update : Awakening

Demonologist are powerful mages who use demonic powers and occult knowledge to efficiently dispose of their enemies. Their secret knowledge allows them to assume forms of various demonic entities, each with their own advantages and drawbacks.[1]


Representatives of this class belong to a young organization formed on the Sogot. They study demonic entities.

Pragmatic, ruthless, and driven by thirst for knowledge, the Demonologists were quick to appreciate the benefits of the alliance that the rest of Sarnaut had shied away from. In exchange for technologies and assistance in the construction of the Citadel that towers over Sogot, they got what they wanted: the means to perform their dark rituals as well as a source of test subjects for their experiments. Such outrageous actions did not go unnoticed, drawing the attention of the powers that had to be reckoned with!

Not everyone shared the Demonologists’ ideas, and now they mostly consist of heretics, Xadaganian Occultists and Aoidos Cabbalists.[2]

In recent history, many other races joined the ranks of the Demonologist as the Arisen Homuncle, the Kanian Heretics and the Elven Metamorph.


Every Demonologist’s calling card is their ability to assume a demonic form: Tempting Predator, Giant, or Fury.

They can transform at any time - even in battle, which makes the Demonologists extremely dangerous and unpredictable opponents!

  • In their human form, Demonologists prefer to keep their enemies at a distance, attacking from afar with abilities that target areas.
  • Curiosity will be the death of those attracted to the Tempting Predator. Many uninvited guests were torn apart before they could realize what was happening.
  • The Giant could be mistaken for a huge mountain if this mountain did not crush elements of landscape with one swing. This creature’s hide is tougher than the Eclipse shield.
  • Speed and stealth are the Fury’s main advantages. There is no place in Sarnaut this demon will not be able to sneak into.
  • Obsession is the Demonologists’ main resource. They wear light equipment and wield staves, daggers, paired swords, sword and dagger, paired daggers, and wand and accessory.[3]

Gear and Aspect

Armor type : cloth

Aspect : Attack, Defense


Reference : Allods Online forum - Update Awakening -

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