Tips: If you choose dismantling and have gotten rid of all of your rookie armor (the armor that you get when you start the game), then it will be verry tricky because if you get all the armor from the quests and dismantle that it will give you enough xp to be able to dissmantle Lv 2 items. (If you have gotten rid of these, the dismantling trainer sells clothes [I suggest buying the Ancient Clothes )

Disassembling is a profession that can break or disenchant Cloth and Leather items into raw materials that can be used to create new items.

To learn Disassembling, you need to visit a Disassembling Trainer and purchase a Disassembler's Training Manual.


Disassembling is a crafting profession complementary to Tailoring and Leatherworking.


Disassembling uses separate tools for each item type. Cloth items are disassembled with Scissors, while leather items require Pincers.

Name Level Required Price
Shoddy Pincers/Scissors none 6Silver 41Copper
Basic Pincers/Scissors 20 47Silver 50Copper
Enhanced Pincers/Scissors 30 2Gold 37Silver 50Copper
Deluxe Pincers/Scissors 40 11Gold 87Silver 50Copper

Skill Mechanics

At present you can't disassemble items of higher level than "skill"/10 rounded up.

Example: If you have skill level 61 you can disassemble items of level 1 to 7 but not level 8.

You can't train Disassembling to higher level than <your level> times 10

In practice that means that you can only disassemble items of your level or lower.

Example: If you are level 8, you can only level your disassemble still to 80. When you reach level 9, you can get to 90.

Increasing the skill

The easiest way to increase the skill level is to buy crates from the Disassembling trainer, they are found on the second page of the trainer's store and come in level ranges (1-3), (4-7), and (8-10). It's not very obvious and the trainer doesn't tell you about it. These crates is the easiest and cheapest way to grind you DA profession up to 100 and get lots of materials to either sell or transfer to a Tailoring/Leatherworking alt. The crates will contain 3 random pieces of armor within the specified level range, meaning that it may be better for you to stick with the level 1-3 crates until your skill is around 50 or 60 to avoid getting level 6 and 7 gear from the higher crates that you can't use yet.

The level 1-3 and 4-7 crates cost just under a silver each, and the level 8-10 crates cost just under 2 silver each. If you get 3 items from each crate, and you estimate a skill gain from every 2 items (once your skill gets higher, you may not get gains from some of the lower level items), then it will require 67 crates, costing around 1 gold total to grind your skill to 100.

The crates drop both cloth and leather armor (though the cloth items seem to have a higher drop rate). Since there are about 10-15 different materials that you can get from disassembling items, you will likely have to skip over to the bank or auction house to drop some stuff off before you're done.

After you hit lvl 100 (lvl 10 gear) you can find cheap clothes from the Quartermasters for the appropriate faction, provided that you are respected with them. For Empire; first Xan. (lvl 11-15) then the Arisen (lvl 14-19) then the Orks (20-?) can help you level your disassembling all the way to 200. Always check the resale tabs because usually there is some gear that you can disassemble.

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