Instances are locations with Elite monsters that give players a chance to obtain items of Epic or Legendary value. There are many dungeons located throughout the world where you will be able to fight powerful monsters for great rewards. The entrance to dungeons can be identified by a swirling portal.

Each dungeon is “instanced” so that each party enters their own private version of the dungeon. This means that you will only be able to see your party members in the dungeon. Dungeons have a wealth of quests, loot, and unique monsters. Each dungeon typically has three or more bosses that drop weapons or pieces of armor that are better than other items of the same level.

Heroic Dungeons:

When you reach level forty you will be able to enter Heroic versions of the dungeons. These versions contain even more powerful monsters than the regular versions of the dungeons, but they contain even greater rewards. Each Heroic dungeon can only be completed once per day. You will only have access to one Heroic dungeon at first. You will need to obtain reputation with the Adventurers’ faction before other heroic dungeons will be unlocked. You can gain this reputation by completing heroic dungeons that you already have access to.


League Dungeons:

Located in Lightwood.
Located in Tenebra.
Located in Darkwater.

Imperial Dungeons:

  • XAES (Levels 9-14)
Located in Nezebgrad.
Located in the Dead Sea.
Secret location that can only be reached by a teleporter.


Also sometimes referred to as 'TT1. Located in Asee-Teph.
Also sometimes referred to as TT2. Located in Asee-Teph. Quest chain in Historian's camp needs to be completed before you are allowed to enter the second part of the temple.
Located in Gipat, inside Defiled Ruins zone.

Raid instance:

Located in Yazes Shard.

Astral Instances:

Located in Astral accessible by using Astral Ships (manually driving it to the destination or using teleport charge to teleport there instantly). Each instance is located on an Allod and their difficulty depends on layer of Astral they are located in. Layer 1 is for character levels 40 to 42, layer 2 for levels 45, layer 3 for levels 47 and layers 4 to 6 are for levels 51. Some sectors put 1 to 3 a random debuffs on a party for the duration of all the instance (this applies for all layer 3 allods and some layer 4 to 6 allods)

Layers 1 to 3:

Astral versions of regular dungeons can be found only in layers 2 and 3.

Layers 4 to 6:

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