The Fatigue system in Allods Online can be a little confusing to new players, though the concept is rather simple.

Fatigue becomes active when players reach Level 5, and can be described as additional experience. Every time you gain a number of experience points, you receive the same number of Fatigue points. These Fatigue points can be converted into Experience points by any Goblin Innkeeper (for a small price) by talking to an Innkeeper and choosing the option to Rest.

Available Fatigue points are limited for every character (but can be replenished every day). If you reach that limit, you will no longer receive Fatigue points while you gain experience. This can cause problems, since you will not get the most out of quest experience, and will be forced to grind in order to level later on.

Many players prefer to switch to another character when their main runs out of available Fatigue points, and play with their main character when the server and fatigue resets. Doing this will reduce the need to grind Experience (though some grinding will be unavoidable).

Goblin Innkeeper

Innkeeper Mug

Innkeeper icon

These NPCs convert your accumulated Fatigue points into Experience on a 1:1 ratio. To convert Fatigue points, you need to talk to an Innkeeper and select the option to Rest. You can rest as often as you like, though resting one-two times a day is less expensive.

Resting costs a small amount of in-game currency. The price depends on character level, low-level characters will pay a couple of silver coins, while high-level players will spend a few gold pieces every time they rest.

Daily Fatigue limit

Every day you can receive a large number of Fatigue points. This number depends on character level (high-level players have a bigger pool of available daily Fatigue).

The spent daily Fatigue points will be automatically restored after every server reset, as long as you have Rested before the reset. If your current maximum available Fatigue is higher than the daily limit due to bonuses, you will not receive any daily Fatigue. The time of server reset varies between regions, you can ask about yours in zone chat.

If you gain experience and Fatigue and not Rest before reset, your daily Fatigue will not be restored, since your unconverted Fatigue will carry over to the next day's limit. This should be avoided if you intend to level fast. For best results, try to "max out" your daily Fatigue and convert it into experience before the server reset, so that you have the maximum possible Fatigue to work with every day.

If you don't turn in Fatigue at an Innkeeper, you will receive around 2250-7000 (depending on character level, approximately 1/6 of the usual daily limit) bonus Fatigue every day you spend without resting. You need to log-in every day with that character to receive this bonus. There is no known limit to the amount of this bonus Fatigue that can be stored this way (some neglected low-level characters have acquired a pool of over 100000 Fatigue points over a few weeks). This system helps players that can only play a few days every week, or players that level alts.


The following screenshot demonstrates the Experience and Fatigue points in detail:

Allods fatigue example
  • This is a Level 40 character, as indicated by the number under her portrait.
  • She has gained a total of 3.033.390 Experience points, from Level 1 until this moment. When she gains a total of 3.961.095, the character will reach Level 41.
  • The number of experience points needed to progress from Level 40 to Level 41 is 960.000 (she gained 32.295 points so far, represented by the purple bar, and needs 927.705 more to level).
  • The daily Fatigue limit for Level 40 characters is 45.000, this is how much they will receive every day if they spend all 45k and rest before the reset. This is currently the maximum available Fatigue in the above picture, but it can be slowly increased by bonuses if the character isn't resting for a few days.
  • The character has already earned 32.295 Fatigue points today (represented by the light blue bar), which can now be converted into 32.295 Experience points (the light blue bar will become purple as well after resting).
  • If she earns and afterwards turns in the remaining 12705 Fatigue points, she will no longer receive Fatigue points until the server resets (at which point she will have another 45k Fatigue points to spend, as long as she rests before the reset).

When this character spends all 45.000 Fatigue points, she should ideally stop turning in quests until the server resets. This way she will gain the most out of the quest experience, which comes in large amounts that can be doubled by the Fatigue system. While waiting for the reset she can do other things, like running instances/Astral, PvP, or work on her Professions.

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