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Eons ago the Orcish tribes continuously fought against each other, often to the death. This lessened the Orcs’ place in the world since their population grew slowly, if at all. But because of their high energy the Orcs continued their bloody battles and thought of little more than war.This was all quickly changed after an unknown inventor, possibly of otherworldly origin, taught the Orcs about a game known as Goblinball. The Orcs found this game immensely fun and it gave them another outlet for their endless energy, changing the dynamics of their culture forever. The tribes began to form teams and fight each other in Goblinball championships instead of on the battlefield. Soon the bloody feuds became rare and the Orcs began to prosper.


Shortly afterwards the popularity of Goblinball among the other races began to grow. There were matches that featured the Empire versus the Empire, the League versus the League, and then the Empire versus the League. Soon a Goblinball stadium was built to hold world championships where members of every race could play.The object of the game is to kick a goblin that serves as a ball into the opposite team’s goal. The members of a Goblinball team must effectively pass the ball to each other and guard their own goal to win. A match lasts a half an hour or until a team scores nine goals. Goblinball has become one of the most entertaining pastimes in Sarnaut, usually receiving large amounts of multi-racial crowds gathering in support for the favourite teams.

Present Day:

Today people can queue for Goblinball at the skirmish menu. After enough people have queued for a goblinball match, people are able to go to the stadium and start the match.


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Goblinball Stadium

The Goblinball stadium, on Wild Isles.