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A guild in Allods online is a player made group of people working together for better gear, loot, items, etc.

To begin a guild go see the Guild Master NPC. League Guild Master is Oleg Shpilev, located in the Trader district across the street from the postmaster. You need to purchase a Crystal of Unity and have a party of 6. The crystal holder will be the guild leader. Guild leader can be changed later.

The Empire Grand Guild Master is located on the second floor of Yasker's Tower, in the large room on the left side of the tower.

To form your Guild, you will need all 6 party members to be online. The Guild Master (party leader) will need to be standing near the Grand Guild Master (Semer Khendjer for Empire players') in order to officially form the Guild. Once you have entered your Guild name and click submit, your Guild will be formed.


Officers and promotions/demotions: The guild leader opens "G" in game and clicks guild tab at bottom.

Find the name you want and right click it. A box opens up that has 3 selections: Remove from guild, Rank:_(various)__, and cancel. Cancel stops anymore action and leaves window.

To promote/demote or otherwise change a players rank: Place mouse curser on "rank" and click. Another box will open up and have all available choices from guild leader to punished. See picture to right.

Rank 1 is guild leader. Rank 2 is senior officers. Rank 3 is junior officers. Rank 4 is veterans. Rank 5 is members. Rank 6 is trial. Rank 7 is alternate. Rank 8 is punished. Select your choice and click. Done!