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Main spells can be learned in the Talent Tree tab of the Talents interface (hotkey N). Additional spells and improvements of them can be found in the Talent Grids when the healer reaches level 10.

Talent Tree

Holy Blast.png Holy Blast
Verdict.png Verdict
Cleansing Flame.png Cleansing Flame
Spiritual Focus.png Spiritual Focus
Devoted Plea.png Devoted Plea
Blind Faith.png Blind Faith
Heavenly Smite.png Heavenly Smite
Holy Shield.png Holy Shield
Resurrection.png Resurrection
Perpetual Healing.png Perpetual Healing
Ascension.png Ascension
Holy Rage.png Holy Rage
Divine Prayer.png Divine Prayer
Purification.png Purification
Holy Rejuvenation.png Holy Rejuvenation
Binding Light.png Binding Light

Talent Grids

Holy Blast.png Holy Blast

Arrow up.gif Talents
Spiritual Focus.png Power of the Pure
Circle of Healing.png Circle of Healing
Purification.png Deep Concentration
Holy Flame.png Holy Flame
Holy Rejuvenation.png Miracle Worker
Unshakeable Faith.png Unshakeable Faith
Angelic Grace.png Angelic Grace
Disciple's Reward.png Disciple's Reward
Blessed Resolution.png Blessed Resolution
Heavenly Smite.png Inevitable Punishment
Perpetual Healing.png Light's Generosity
Holy Blast.png Righteous Fervor
Entreaty.png Entreaty

Verdict.png Verdict

Arrow up.gif Talents
Holy Avenger.png Holy Avenger
Veracity.png Veracity
Exorcism.png Exorcism
Unbending Will.png Unbending Will
Brilliant Faith.png Brilliant Faith
Cleansing Flame.png Blessed Steel
Divine Punishment.png Divine Punishment
Saintly Reach.png Saintly Reach
Ascension.png Divine Instincts
Spiritual Focus.png Ray of Hope
Divine Punishment.png Hold in Contempt
Power of Faith.png Power of Faith
Holy Avenger.png Devout Servant

Cleansing Flame.png Cleansing Flame

Arrow up.gif Talents
Divine Foresight.png Divine Foresight
Unshakeable Faith.png Unshakeable Faith
Circle of Healing.png True Faith
Holy Rejuvenation.png Holy Advantage
Exorcism.png Valiant Guardian
Holy Blast.png Divine Infusion
Saintly Reach.png Blaze of Faith
Blessed Resolution.png Illuminated Mind
Devoted Plea.png Sacred Blessing
Divine Foresight.png Surge of Faith
Enlightenment.png Enlightenment