Herbalism allows you to see and harvest herb nodes in order to find useful ingredients for potions. As of the Game of Gods expansion, Herbalism was combined with Alchemy to create a single profession.

To learn Herbalism/Alchemy, you need to visit the Alchemy Trainer or the Herbalism Trainer and purchase an Alchemist's Training Manual.


A sickle is required to harvest herbs. Sickles can be purchased from the Alchemy Trainer or the Herbalism Trainer.

There are four kinds of sickles. Better sickles reduce the chance of failing when gathering a node. This also depends on the level of the node, so a Pristine Sickle will practically never fail on low-level nodes while still failing sometimes in late-game areas.
Name Skill Level Required Price
Rusty Sickle none 4Silver 75Copper
Ordinary Sickle 15 71Silver 25Copper
Sharp Sickle 25 4Gold 75Silver
Pristine Sickle 40 47Gold 50Silver

List of herbs

In the following link you can see a list of herbs and their properties.

Herb Nodes

Allods herbnode

A herb node.

Allods large herb node

All this is a single herb node.

Herbs are gathered from special nodes, which appear all over the map. The nodes are indicated by floating green orbs. Any node may be represented by one or multiple orbs, scattered around an area. To harvest, approach any orb and press the Gather key. The collected herb will go to the Crafting tab of your inventory.
  • Some nodes provide quest items, while others contain plants that can be used in Alchemy.
  • Every node will contain a random herb, chosen from a Tier of herbs allowed for that area. You can use a Kit of Flora Distorters to change the type and number of herbs that you have received.
  • Higher skill level allows gathering of more advanced nodes, so if you can't interact with one you'll have to find lower-level nodes and increase your Herbalism skill by gathering them.
  • Your skill level is capped at your level (for example, at level 9 you can have skill up to level 9)
  • The herb you'll get will have one out of four different qualities: Damaged, Wilted, Mature and Potent. Each quality is potentially more useful than the previous one (but not always, depending on potion recipe).
  • Harvesting a herb node will deplete it, and it will not respawn for a very long time (except quest nodes). The respawn time is 30 minutes, plus you need to leave the area at least once (or relog) or it will not respawn.
  • There is a chance of failing when you harvest a node. In that occasion, you will not receive any herbs, but one orb will disappear. If a node has only one orb, it will be depleted, while a node with multiple orbs will allow you to try again. Better tools can significantly reduce this effect.

Herb Tiers

Herbs can be grouped into certain categories (or tiers), since they are gathered from the same areas, require the same skill level, and have the same base value. Low-tier herbs can be gathered in the starting areas of each faction, while more advanced nodes can be found in later areas:
  • Tier 1 nodes produce 2-6 herbs for every gathering attempt
  • Tier 2 nodes produce 2-7 herbs
  • Tier 3 nodes produce 3-9 herbs
  • Tier 4 nodes produce 4-10 herbs (5-11 herbs in Yazes Shard and Gipat)

Maps and Skill Levels

Each area requires a specific range of skill level to allow gathering. In Tenebra for example, some nodes require a minimum of 190, while others need skill level up to 240 to be gathered. Each area can increase your skill level high enough to allow gathering in higher-level areas.
Tier Areas and Maps Min. Skill Recommended Final Skill
1 Lightwood nodes, Nezebgrad nodes 40 up to 140
2 Siveria nodes, Frozen Frontier nodes

Igsh M.D. nodes, Severny Steppe nodes, Dead Sea nodes, Wild Isles nodes

140 up to 200
3 Darkwater nodes, Tenebra nodes, Asee-Teph nodes, Eljune nodes 190 - 240 up to 300
4 Coba Plateau nodes, Coldberg nodes, Avilon nodes, Dragon Ring nodes 290 - 340 up to 400
4 Yazes Shard nodes, Gipat nodes 390 up to 400

Increasing the skill

Your skill in Herbalism/Alchemy is increased by creating potions with the herbs you gather. You can no longer level up Herbalism/Alchemy by gathering herbs.
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