Herbs are the raw materials that can be gathered by those who have learnt Alchemy. Most of them are used in Alchemy for brewing potions, some can also be required for quests, while others are only useful in quests.
Aloe mature

Mature herbs have three usable Agents


Herbs come in four different qualities: Damaged, Wilted, Mature and Potent. Damaged herbs only have one property (or Agent) that can be used. Higher-quality herbs have more Agents, which sometimes makes them more useful in potion-making.

The Tier of a herb determines the areas where it can be gathered. You can see a list of areas for each Tier in Maps and Skill Levels section of the Herbalism article.

Tradeable Herbs

These herbs are used in potions, while some of them will be needed in a few quests. You can sort the table by herb or Agent name by clicking on the Sorting icons.

HerbTier1st Agent2nd Agent3rd Agent4th Agent
Allods aloe22 Aloe (Q)3Agent enlightening 20 EnlighteningAgent poisoning 20 PoisoningAgent defensive 20 DefensiveAgent meditative 20 Meditative
Allods ephedra22 Anise3Agent strengthening 20 StrengtheningAgent healing 20 HealingAgent destructive 20 DestructiveAgent natural 20 Natural
Allods elderberry22 Arnica (Q)4Agent elemental 20 ElementalAgent defensive 20 DefensiveAgent inspiring 20 InspiringAgent quickening 20 Quickening
Allods belladonna22 Belladonna4Agent invigorating 20 InvigoratingAgent destructive 20 DestructiveAgent strengthening 20 StrengtheningAgent meditative 20 Meditative
Allods calendula22 Calendula (Q)1Agent meditative 20 MeditativeAgent strengthening 20 StrengtheningAgent natural 20 NaturalAgent poisoning 20 Poisoning
Allods celandine22 Celandine3Agent fortifying 20 FortifyingAgent quickening 20 QuickeningAgent healing 20 HealingAgent defensive 20 Defensive
Allods chamomile22 Chamomile1Agent healing 20 HealingAgent corrosive 20 CorrosiveAgent invigorating 20 InvigoratingAgent defensive 20 Defensive
Allods foalfoot22 Foalfoot2Agent defensive 20 DefensiveAgent natural 20 NaturalAgent fortifying 20 FortifyingAgent inspiring 20 Inspiring
Allods jinseng22 Ginseng4Agent natural 20 NaturalAgent enlightening 20 EnlighteningAgent invisibility 20 InvisibilityAgent healing 20 Healing
Allods hops22 Hops (Q)2Agent destructive 20 DestructiveAgent meditative 20 MeditativeAgent quickening 20 QuickeningAgent corrosive 20 Corrosive
Allods feverfew22 Inula4Agent fortifying 20 FortifyingAgent slowing 20 SlowingAgent corrosive 20 CorrosiveAgent poisoning 20 Poisoning
Allods jimson weed22 Jimson Weed3Agent inspiring 20 InspiringAgent invisibility 20 InvisibilityAgent meditative 20 MeditativeAgent elemental 20 Elemental
Allods lungwort22 Lungwort2Agent slowing 20 SlowingAgent invigorating 20 InvigoratingAgent healing 20 HealingAgent strengthening 20 Strengthening
Allods mint22 Mint (Q)3Agent corrosive 20 CorrosiveAgent healing 20 HealingAgent slowing 20 SlowingAgent invigorating 20 Invigorating
Allods nettle22 Nettle1Agent poisoning 20 PoisoningAgent enlightening 20 EnlighteningAgent meditative 20 MeditativeAgent invisibility 20 Invisibility
Allods st johns wort22 St. John's Wort (Q)1Agent quickening 20 QuickeningAgent inspiring 20 InspiringAgent elemental 20 ElementalAgent destructive 20 Destructive
Allods valerian22 Valerian1Agent poisoning 20 PoisoningAgent fortifying 20 FortifyingAgent defensive 20 DefensiveAgent slowing 20 Slowing
Allods wormwood22 Wormwood2Agent invisibility 20 InvisibilityAgent elemental 20 ElementalAgent poisoning 20 PoisoningAgent enlightening 20 Energizing

Quest Herbs

These herbs are used only for specific quests, they are useless for anything else (unless you have Alchemy as your second profession). All of them have the Agent blinding 20 Blinding Agent, and nothing else.
Herb Related Quest
Allods carnation22 Carnation2nd Herbalism tutorial quest
Allods dandelion22 Dandelion2nd Herbalism tutorial quest
Allods lilyofthevalley22 Lily of the Valley3rd Herbalism tutorial quest
Allods sorrel22 Sorrel3rd Herbalism tutorial quest
Allods violet22 Violet1st Herbalism tutorial quest
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