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Faction Empire
Archetype Heretic (Healer)
Armour Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 10, Plate from level 30
Specific Ability Wisdom of Arisen - Increases Wisdom of the caster.

Class Background

Heretics are Priests of the Arisen, who voluntarily made a vow to serve the Triune Imperial Church. This is the Arisen faction of the holy Church of Light. Being atheists, Heretics study and research the Holy magic that came into this world. They are the most devoted members of the Xadaganian Church in performing rituals, following the vows and penance. They compensate for their lack of faith by sheer endeavour and thoroughness.


Many of the equipable items worn by The Arisen very much resembles the traditional clothing and costumes worn during Ancient Egyptian times. Moreover, it most likely inspired many of the existing designs.

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