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The path to the main areas of the labyrinth are blocked by magical shields, which can be disabled by defeating the first bosses of the allod.


  • Pirkaz the Cryptic layer 1
    Creates explosive mines that do AoE damage.
  • Hazist the Protective layer 1
    Charmed Shield - immune to all damage, until his Draconid Vindicator companion is killed.
  • Shashik the Impure layer 1
    After being killed, this boss will raise from the dead, and the party will have to fight his undead form. In his first 'life' he changes target from time to time and starts to chase one party member (tank is not able to get the aggro). In his second 'life' he creates damaging circles on the ground and gets stronger with stacking buff (increasing damage).

Pin-skull.pngPirkaz the Cryptic
Pin-skull.pngHazist the Protective
Pin-skull.pngShashik the Impure
Map jade labyrinth.jpg
Pirkaz the Cryptic
Hazist the Protective
Shashik the Impure
Map jade labyrinth.jpg
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