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Flora Distorters.png

Use: Receive 10 Flora Distorters.

Each portion allows an additional randomization of one attempt to gather a herb.

Currency tab

Flora Distorters give an additional Herbalism randomization.


This Kit will create 10 dice that will allow you to reroll the results of your gathering 10 times. This can be useful if you are unhappy with the gathered herb, in which case you will be able to receive another type and quantity of herb.

The Flora Distorters will appear in the Currency tab of your character's panel. If you happen to gather a herb that you don't want, you will have the option of rerolling it and receive another, possibly better herb.

This is done in the loot window, by clicking on the dice. Every reroll will consume a Distorter (or the respective currency for other professions). Instead of Wilted Wormwood you will receive another herb, perhaps Potent Hops or something similar.

Loot window


This item can be created by the Artisan's Certificate, or found in a Curious Chest.