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Lab Thirteen is the secret laboratory designed for the top secret Imperial experiments. Portal in Bort Quarter in Nezebgrad can take the player to Ruined Hallway in which the entrance to the laboratory lies.

Lab Thirteen is a dungeon for Empire players levels 23 to 28. Several World Mystery quests can be completed in this instance.

Bosses and strategy

When the party reaches the room, the electricity field will appear and no one will be able to run away without being killed. The three insane Yasker Hawks will walk in soon, one at the time.

Each are simple tank and spank bosses, with the next one appearing after the current one reaches 15% HP. The last one will attempt to heal itself for around 10-25% HP when it's about to die.

The big termite boss summons many little termites that need to be dealt with.

The boss spits an AoE in a 180 degree cone in front for about 20-30y (keep the boss faced away from the party). The spawns have low HP and can be CC'd, they also don't explode or drop a pool of acid on death.

A Paladin of sorts, he has a short-ranged AoE that he uses every so often as well as a small DoT. He also has a heal that he attempts to use near death. Keep at a range from DPSers and tank and spank.

This boss places a debuff on players (?random?highest DPS?) that make them smaller and take more damage. In addition, he has an AoE stun. Tank and spank.

As soon as the battle starts, the door leading into the room with this boss will close and it is important to have the whole party inside by that time. Let your tank aggro the boss and healer heal him. The other members of the party should kill the little demons guarding the june golems and use these golems to damage the boss and debuff him. While inside the golem, players cannot use their class spells and abilities.

It is vitally important to debuff the boss as it increases all the damage done to him (and he has fairly high HP). The debuffs can be maintained by two golem players who alternate their debuff skills and it can stack up to 4 times. The boss has an AoE stun and it is recommended to kill the guard demons by the golems quick so they can't gather up on the tank (or a golem). Healers and DoT users should stay outside of golems since their skill damage goes up with debuff stacks and they can't use their skills while in a golem.