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Laguna Boil is the second dungeon that The Empire players can enter and complete once they reach level 19. It is located in Western Dead Sea.It can be accessed in two modes, Normal or Heroic.


Laguna Boil is located in the western part of the Dead Sea. Players must complete a quest chain before the can access the normal mode of Laguna Boil.

Bosses and Strategy

  • Manuel

This boss walks around LB and you will normally encounter him around the 3rd switch (if you're going counter-clockwise). A tank and spank boss, only thing you need to do is kite him when he gets his damage buff (he hurts lots).

  • Semer Karpol

This boss can freeze you permanently and throws fireballs at you. He summons fire elementals that carry a buff that unfreezes you when they smack you. Otherwise, just tank and spank.

  • Izot the Unyielding

It is recommended to kill the adds on the gate before you start playing with the switches. Once all the switches are used, the gate opens and after a while, this boss spawns. This boss will randomly target someone, charge them, and execute a whirlwind attack for about 5 seconds, it's recommended that you don't stand next to him when he does this. Otherwise, tank and spank.

  • Viktor Korleone

This boss has a single-target fear, does random damage to the party, a skill that increases the random damage rate of fire (by a lot), and a skill to regenerate his mana. This is a heal and DPS boss, meaning you need a good healer or two and as much DPS as possible (because actually tanking this thing is impossible). Through the normal course of the fight use light healing and get in DoT affects when possible. He normally pops the rapid fire buff around 50% mana and then attacks a few more times before using his skill to regenerate mana. The healer(s) need to step up their game when he does rapid fire and then the DPS need to go all out while he's sitting down for a good 15s.


  • Manuel does not exist in the normal (quest-driven) version of LB.
  • Viktor Korleone will need to be debuffed with the quest item in order to be damaged in the normal version.


This is unfinished, please submit any quests for this dungeon.


These drops can be obtained through Heroic Mode.

Semer Karpol drops these items:

Izot the Unyielding drops these items:

  • Gauntlets of Power
  • Cudgel of Power
  • Sword of Power
  • Swords of Power
  • Mittens of Power

Viktor Korleone drops these items:

  • Gauntlets of Mastery
  • Visor of Mastery
  • Cape Mastery
  • Mask of Mastery
  • Mask of Mastery
  • Shoulders of Mastery
  • Cuirass of Mastery
  • Greaves of Domination
  • Daggers of Domination
  • Shoulders of Absolute Domination
  • Helmet of Domination
  • Spiked Helmet of Domination
  • Cloak of Domination
  • Sandwind Charm

Manuel is the only boss that exists solely in Heroic mode. He drops these items:

  • Shield of Flaying
  • Spear of Flaying
  • Bow of Flaying
  • Rod of Flaying
  • Gloves of Flaying
  • Ring of Flaying