Leatherworking is a profession that can use Disassembled leather to create new leather armor.

To learn Leatherworking, you need to visit a Leatherworking Trainer and purchase a Leatherworker's Training Manual.


Leatherworking is a crafting profession complementary to Disassembling. It is also a suggested profession for Stalkers, (also known more commonly as Scouts).


You need to purchase a Leatherworker's Tool Belt from the trainer.

Skill Mechanics

To begin creating items, right-click on the Leatherworker's Tool Belt in your inventory.

Increasing the skill

To increase your skill, you must produce items, that would grant you the highest amount of profession points. For this to work you must either, have a secondary profession of Disassembling or you must purchase items that are needed for you to create something successfully, such as Damaged Leather Patch from the Auction House, which is located in Yasker's Tower.

Leatherworking Products

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