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Lightwood is the first area that new League players enter after finishing the starting zone of Evermeet Isle. It is also the region where the League capital of Novograd is located. It is adjacent to the regions of Siveria and Darkwater. The area is usually filled with level 5-11 mobs. Lightwood is the area where most players learn the basics regarding professions, guilds, raids and the auction house. Several high levels are also known to congregate here. The League arena is located in the center of the region where players brawl. The region is very sunny and considered peaceful. The only region of war is the Oreshek Fortress region at the west tip of the allod. Constant feuds between the Kanians and rebels occur in the sub-zone.


  • Northern Birchwoods
  • Southern Birchwoods
  • Amberwood
  • Dead Thicket
  • Big Stones
  • Adder Plateu
  • Field Hospital
  • Lake Tract
  • Farshore Shipyard
  • Cape Lookout
  • Eastern Sawmill

Adjacent Regions: