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The Mage is a cloth-wearing Archetype and the basis for:

  • Magician
    Racial ability: "Magician's Concentration" - casting cannot be interrupted.
  • Sorcerer
    Racial ability: "Astral Blast" - inflicts direct Astral damage along with a 2 second knockdown effect.
  • Specialist
    Racial ability: "Astral Aegis" - Puts a shield on any friendly target. If the target gets close to an enemy, the enemy gets thrown backwards 15 yards and is stunned. Stone barrier / Reflections will have higher priority than Astral Aegis.


Mage talents include spells that manipulate Fire, Frost and Lightning magic.


By completing World Mysteries mages gain access to unique abilities:

Invisibility Invisibility

Sanctuary Sanctuary

Gift of Tensess Gift of Tensess

Archetype Gameplay

Mages are best known for their high AoE (Area of effect) magic damage, with a wide variety of spells split into three main elements: Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

They can become handy in parties against large amounts of mobs, such as Astral layers, Dungeons etc. with their buffs, Seal of fortitude and Aura of potency.

They have good Crowd Controlling abilities, like Icy Grave, Conflagrate, and Wall of fire.

They have decent survivability on PvP battles, because they have defensive abilities, such as Stone barrier and Reflection, and for fast escape method, use Flash.

Mages are a great addition to a party in this game. So if you like to annihilate loads of enemies at once, Then the mage archetype is for you!

Best to go for intelligence,wisdom and luck on your stats.

Being a mage may seem difficult at first but you will soon get used to it and the game will be like a stroll through the park.GOOD LUCK!!

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