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Mages have access to three kinds of elemental magic: Fire, Frost and Lightning.

Main spells can be learned in the Talent Tree tab of the Talents interface (hotkey N). Additional spells and improvements of them can be found in the Talent Grids when the mage reaches level 10.

Talent Tree

Fire Arrow.png Fire Arrow
Ice Flow.png Ice Flow
Shocking Grasp.png Shocking Grasp
Meteor.png Meteor
Icy Grave.png Icy Grave
Stone Barrier.png Stone Barrier
Reflections.png Reflections
Thunderbolt.png Thunderbolt
Dispel.png Dispel
Wall of Flame.png Wall of Flame
Electric Pulse.png Electric Pulse
Icy Comet.png Icy Comet
Elemental Shield.png Elemental Shield
Conflagrate.png Conflagrate
Prismatic Lightning.png Prismatic Lightning

Talent Grids

Talent Grids allow additional customization of a mage build. Some of these talents can only be found on one of the grids, while others are shared by all three of them.

Fire Arrow.png Fire Arrow

Arrow up.gif Talents
Burning Desire.png Burning Desire Searing Advantage.png Searing Advantage
Calefaction.png Calefaction Seismic Snap.png Seismic Snap
Endless Flames.png Endless Flames Concrete Mind.png Concrete Mind
Eruption.png Eruption Cunning Thoughts.png Cunning Thoughts
Fire Auspices.png Fire Auspices Elemental Wrath.png Elemental Wrath
Fire Trap.png Fire Trap Mana Shield.png Mana Shield
Flame Absorption.png Flame Absorption Propitious Magic.png Propitious Magic
Lava Spill.png Lava Spill Sage's Intelligence.png Sage's Intelligence
Maximize.png Maximize Stoic Soul.png Stoic Soul
Obsidian Mirror.png Obsidian Mirror
Purge.png Purge

Ice Flow.png Ice Flow

Arrow up.gif Talents
Avalanche.png Avalanche Minimize.png Minimize
Boiling Plume.png Boiling Plume Northern Lights.png Northern Lights
Crystal Mirror.png Crystal Mirror Snowstorm.png Snowstorm
Elemental Harmony.png Elemental Harmony Concrete Mind.png Concrete Mind
Frost Auspices.png Frost Auspices Cunning Thoughts.png Cunning Thoughts
Frosty Advantage.png Frosty Advantage Elemental Wrath.png Elemental Wrath
Hypothermia.png Hypothermia Mana Shield.png Mana Shield
Ice Absorption.png Ice Absorption Propitious Magic.png Propitious Magic
Ice Age.png Ice Age Sage's Intelligence.png Sage's Intelligence
Ice Quake.png Ice Quake Stoic Soul.png Stoic Soul
Intense Cold.png Intense Cold

Shocking Grasp.png Shocking Grasp

Arrow up.gif Talents
Amber Mirror.png Amber Mirror Thundering Advantage.png Thundering Advantage
Arctic Shock.png Arctic Shock Unstable Energy.png Unstable Energy
Cascade.png Cascade Concrete Mind.png Concrete Mind
Clarity.png Clarity Cunning Thoughts.png Cunning Thoughts
Displacement.png Displacement Elemental Wrath.png Elemental Wrath
Electric Absorption.png Electric Absorption Mana Shield.png Mana Shield
Flash.png Flash Propitious Magic.png Propitious Magic
Lightning Auspices.png Lightning Auspices Sage's Intelligence.png Sage's Intelligence
Lightning Jolt.png Lightning Jolt Stoic Soul.png Stoic Soul
Positive Feedback.png Positive Feedback
Tempest.png Tempest