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Mages have access to three kinds of elemental magic: Fire, Frost and Lightning.

Main spells can be learned in the Talent Tree tab of the Talents interface (hotkey N). Additional spells and improvements of them can be found in the Talent Grids when the mage reaches level 10.

Talent Tree

Fire ArrowFire Arrow
Ice FlowIce Flow
Shocking GraspShocking Grasp
Icy GraveIcy Grave
Stone BarrierStone Barrier
Wall of FlameWall of Flame
Electric PulseElectric Pulse
Icy CometIcy Comet
Elemental ShieldElemental Shield
Prismatic LightningPrismatic Lightning

Talent Grids

Talent Grids allow additional customization of a mage build. Some of these talents can only be found on one of the grids, while others are shared by all three of them.

Fire Arrow Fire Arrow

Arrow upTalents
Burning DesireBurning Desire Searing AdvantageSearing Advantage
CalefactionCalefaction Seismic SnapSeismic Snap
Endless FlamesEndless Flames Concrete MindConcrete Mind
EruptionEruption Cunning ThoughtsCunning Thoughts
Fire AuspicesFire Auspices Elemental WrathElemental Wrath
Fire TrapFire Trap Mana ShieldMana Shield
Flame AbsorptionFlame Absorption Propitious MagicPropitious Magic
Lava SpillLava Spill Cunning ThoughtsSage's Intelligence
MaximizeMaximize Stoic SoulStoic Soul
Obsidian MirrorObsidian Mirror

Ice Flow Ice Flow

Arrow upTalents
AvalancheAvalanche MinimizeMinimize
Boiling PlumeBoiling Plume Northern LightsNorthern Lights
Crystal MirrorCrystal Mirror SnowstormSnowstorm
Elemental HarmonyElemental Harmony Concrete MindConcrete Mind
Frost AuspicesFrost Auspices Cunning ThoughtsCunning Thoughts
Frosty AdvantageFrosty Advantage Elemental WrathElemental Wrath
HypothermiaHypothermia Mana ShieldMana Shield
Ice AbsorptionIce Absorption Propitious MagicPropitious Magic
Ice AgeIce Age Cunning ThoughtsSage's Intelligence
Ice QuakeIce Quake Stoic SoulStoic Soul
Intense ColdIntense Cold

Shocking Grasp Shocking Grasp

Arrow upTalents
Amber MirrorAmber Mirror Thundering AdvantageThundering Advantage
Arctic ShockArctic Shock Unstable EnergyUnstable Energy
CascadeCascade Concrete MindConcrete Mind
ClarityClarity Cunning ThoughtsCunning Thoughts
DisplacementDisplacement Elemental WrathElemental Wrath
Electric AbsorptionElectric Absorption Mana ShieldMana Shield
FlashFlash Propitious MagicPropitious Magic
Lightning AuspicesLightning Auspices Cunning ThoughtsSage's Intelligence
Lightning JoltLightning Jolt Stoic SoulStoic Soul
Positive FeedbackPositive Feedback
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