These are the raw materials that can be gathered by Miners. Most of them can be used in Blacksmithing, some are also required in quests, while others are worthless vendor junk or quest items.

Metal Types

There are eight different metal qualities that you can gather:

  • Impure Copper
  • Refined Copper
  • Impure Iron
  • Refined Iron
  • Impure Mithril
  • Refined Mithril
  • Adamantite

Each of them requires a different skill level to gather, and most of them can be gathered in separate areas.

There are eight possible kinds of resources for various metal qualities: base, blank, chunk, mold, plating, ribbon, sheet, and strip. Not all of them exist in every metal type. They can be used in different Blacksmithing recipes for different effects.

Ores and gems are usually (but not always) received as an additional drop when you gather resources.

There are also two special resources that you can mine starting at Yazes Shard: Trinium Ore and Argen Ore. Both of these are used to make Trinium Ingot I/II which ae items used on the construction of 2nd/3rd generation ship devices.

List of Resources

Impure CopperMinimum skill level: 90, Increases skill: up to 140+

Gathering areas: Siveria (south portion), Severny Steppe (west), Igsh MD
Refined CopperMinimum skill level: 140, Increases skill: up to 240

Gathering areas: Siveria (north portion), Frozen Frontier, Darkwater, Dead Sea
Impure IronMinimum skill level: 190, Increases skill: up to 240+

Gathering areas: Tenebra, Wild Isles
Refined IronMinimum skill level: 240, Increases skill: up to 341

Gathering areas: Asee-Teph, Eljune (except Zosim Coast, Edge of Eternal Night)
Impure MithrilMinimum skill level: 290, Increases skill: up to 340+

Gathering areas: Eljune (only Zosim Coast, Edge of Eternal Night), Coba Plateau
Refined MithrilMinimum skill level: 340, Increases skill: up to 400

Gathering areas: Avilon, Coldberg, Dragon Ring
AdamantiteMinimum skill level: 390, Increases skill: up to 470

Gathering areas: Yazes Shard, Gipat, Kirah, Isle of Revelation

Quest Items and Junk

The following items are only used for increasing the Mining skill level so that it meets the requirements of regular nodes:

Item Related Quest
Rock Chips1st Mining tutorial quest (League quest)
Gob2nd Mining tutorial quest (League quest)
Gravel2nd Mining tutorial quest (League quest)
Hawkeye3rd Mining tutorial quest (League quest)
Cat's Eye3rd Mining tutorial quest (League quest)

Limestone and the Ancient Orcish Idol are junk items that you can sell to any vendor for a decent bit of gold. They are sometimes found instead of resources in areas that drop Impure Copper or better qualities.

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