Faction: League

Race: Elf

Archetype: Psionicist

Armour Type: Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 20

Specific Ability: 'Grim Prophecy', Makes your next two attacks critical strikes.

Class Background

It is well known troughout Sarnaut that since the death of Tensess the Elven race have been great studiers of high magic. They have devoted themselves to the Church of Light in a form of worship of life itself. But there was always once aspect of it that they were unable to fully comprehend, that of the skills of the Psionicist. Among the League soldiers it was the Gibberlings that were alone in being able to do so. Some put it down to their experience in fortune telling, some to their selfless, though sometimes reckless, nature in general. Whatever it was the Gibberlings had it and the Elves didn't.

This troubled the Elves to the extent that they delved deeper into the Magic of Light, to try and gain the knowledge they so craved. But what happened instead both shocked and humbled the Elven scholars, for they learned that it wouldn't be directly through the Church of Light that they would come to understand the ways of the Psionicist, it would be through learning from the Gibberlings themselves! Frustered, but nevertheless determined, the Elves did what no-one would have expected to do, they asked the Gibberlings to be their tutors and masters in learning the art of the psionicist......

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