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The Paladin is the most defensive of the melee archetypes.
Equipped with moderate healing spells and the game's strongest aggro management and tanking abilities, the Paladin is able to specify his/her skills and abilities for many different play-styles, most commonly tank, DPS (damage dealer), survival/solo or any of the previous in a PvP specification.

The Paladin Archetype is the basis for:

  • Crusader
    Racial ability: Zealous Blow Zealous Blow - inflicts damage, DoT and stamps the target with Mark of the Pariah.
  • Templar
  • Reaver
    Racial ability: inflicts heavy damages, consume some energy or mana of the target and stamps the target with Mark of the Pariah.
  • Avenger

Paladins can use leather at level 1, and plate armor at level 20. Armor & Equipment by Class


Paladin talents include abilities that mitigate damage through their barriers, as well as damaging and healing spells.


By completing World Mysteries paladins gain access to unique abilities:

Gift of Tensess Gift of Tensess

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