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Main spells can be learned in the Talent Tree tab of the Talents interface (hotkey N). Additional spells and improvements of them can be found in the Talent Grids when the paladin reaches level 10.

Talent Tree

Crusader Blow.png Crusader Blow
Righteous Word.png Righteous Word
Retribution.png Retribution
Overcome.png Overcome
Light's Guidance.png Light's Guidance
Light Infusion.png Light Infusion
Challenge.png Challenge
Condemnation.png Condemnation
Healing Touch.png Healing Touch
Strike of Justice.png Strike of Justice
Deliverance.png Deliverance
Tenacity.png Tenacity
Absolution.png Absolution
Surge of Light.png Surge of Light
Penance.png Penance
Heavenly Nova.png Heavenly Nova

Talent Grids

Talent Grids allow additional customization of a build.

Crusader Blow.png Crusader Blow

Arrow up.gif Talents
Atonement.png Atonement
Disciple's Power.png Disciple's Power
Divine Gift.png Divine Gift
Lust for Revenge.png Lust for Revenge
Crusader Blow.png Pious Anger
Rage of the Righteous.png Rage of the Righteous
Deliverance.png Restless Defender
Penance.png Righteous Cause
Shadow Protection.png Shadow Protection
Zealot's Fury.png Zealot's Fury

Righteous Word.png Righteous Word

Arrow up.gif Talents
Aegis of Faith.png Aegis of Faith
Vengeance.png Divine Antagonism
Divine Purpose.png Divine Purpose
Divine Sentence.png Divine Sentence
Overcome.png Faith's Grace
Holy Champion.png Holy Champion
Monk's Reflexes.png Monk's Reflexes
Pulsing Light.png Pulsing Light
Rage of the Righteous.png Rage of the Righteous
Righteous Word.png Swift Reprisal
Strike of Justice.png Sword of the Just
Vindication.png Vindication

Retribution.png Retribution

Arrow up.gif Talents
Rage of the Righteous.png Angelic Harbinger
Ascetic Training.png Ascetic Training
Blessed Light.png Blessed Light
Departing Light.png Departing Light
Holy Flare.png Holy Flare
Illumination.png Illumination
Righteous Fortitude.png Righteous Fortitude
Reparation.png Reparation
Sacred Sunrise.png Sacred Sunrise
Challenge.png Searing Justice
Vengeance.png Vengeance
Retribution.png Wave of Life
Will of the Hermit.png Will of the Hermit