Version 1.0.04 (aka US CBT2)


  • Added visual effects for trinkets
  • Gloves are now correctly displayed when wearing a robe
  • Improved weapon visual effects
  • Resized shoulder armor for various characters
  • Helms on Gibberlings are now correctly displayed
  • Fixed helms that hide hairstyles
  • Character creation window improved
  • Decreased the trading distance between players to five yards
  • Fixed the bug with turning tiredness into experience
  • Pets in aggressive mode now do not detect mobs that have recently spawned
  • Fixed the bug where dead monsters appeared to have a full health bar
  • Reduced the health of monsters
  • Bosses in raids and heroic instances now drop chests from the Item Shop
  • Corrected the direction of certain spotlighting
  • Added a confirmation feature when deleting characters
  • Improved the server software


  • Improved the raid interface
  • Chat settings are now correctly saved after relogging
  • System messages now correctly display in chat
  • Launcher settings are now similar to in-game settings
  • Improved the context actions interface and added new context actions
  • Added a visual PvP flag to players and monsters
  • Added special effects when world mystery quests are accepted
  • Added system messages that report when a chat message could not be sent
  • Improved the spell casting bars
  • New portal locations are now automatically saved when you talk to a Portal Keeper
  • Fixed a bug where an enemy’s health was occasionally decreased before an attack was considered successful
  • Fixed a bug concerning automatic server choice
  • Improved the tiredness and resting interface
  • The deposit price now correctly changes when an auction’s duration is changed
  • Pets’ damage is now correctly reported in the combat log
  • Added new maps and corrected old ones
  • Added a special icon to bankers
  • Food and drink is now available in Purgatory
  • Changed the icon for disassembling


  • Added unique animations when using a one-handed spear
  • Devout Healing can no longer be prepared in advance
  • Blind Faith is now an instant cast and reduces the target’s movement speed by 50%. The effect duration is now 5 seconds for each rank, and the cooldown time is now 3 minutes/1 minute/30 seconds, depending on the spell rank
  • Fixed Elemental Shield and reduced the damage absorbed
  • Added visual effects to Elemental Shield
  • Fixed Stone Barrier and reduced the damage absorbed
  • Fixed a bug where the Ice Flow and Fire Arrow effects weren’t combining properly
  • Summoned creatures are now different for each race. They also change as the character’s level increases and the spell level increases
  • Fixed a bug with the pets’ control panels
  • Talents that increase Wound Complexity now work properly
  • Mental Overload can no longer be transferred to an enemy, and it cannot be reduced by Willpower
  • There is now a 100% chance for several stun effects to be removed from the Shock Wave effect when damage is done to the target
  • Added immunity to control effects to Astral Echo
  • Improved the visual effects of Shock Wave
  • Mental Link now correctly breaks when a monster is killed
  • Unity now correctly works when your health drops below 50%
  • Added visual effects to Natural Balance
  • Added visual effects to Tiger’s Blow
  • The visual effects of Storm now correctly disappear after the spell finishes
  • Added visual effects to Headbutt
  • Improved the visual effects of Steady Shot
  • Updated the icons on Renewed Vitality and Adrenaline Rush


  • When party loot is set to random, only members that have the required quest will be able to see quest items
  • If a quest requires only one quest item, all party members will be able to loot it
  • Added a new animation when travelling in an Astral Sphere
  • Improved the visual effects of Astral Hangars
  • Fixed the quests on Astral Isles
  • Added Adventurer’s Stone markers
  • Fixed bugs that occurred when entering and exiting instances
  • The following types of monsters now have more frequent but less powerful attacks: Ogres, Turtles, Bears, Carnivorous Plants, Golems, Rats, Shadows, Termite Queens, Treants, and Zombie Mages
  • Fixed bugs with the Gonfalon of War encounter. Messages about Cornet’s death will now appear in zone chat. Messages about players that Cornet has killed will now appear in zone chat
  • Sights of Power now correctly changes
  • Improved the mechanics for the quest “The Key Tower”
  • Reduced the spawn time on the Rabid Sabertooth Squirrel
  • Added more Birch Branches for the quest “Branches for the Sauna”
  • Added more Forestfolk Agitators
  • Reduced the spawn time on the Runaway Unicorn
Oreshek Fortress
  • Fixed the siege mechanisms
  • Added more monsters
  • Fixed the quest “The Origins of the Undead”
  • Improved the mechanics for the quest “Board Them!”
  • Improved the visual effects for the quest “Initiation Ritual”
  • Improved the mechanics for the quest “The Molotov Family's Mail”. If players lose the quest item, they can now get another one from the Somber Family
  • Improved the mechanics for the quest “The Bear Totem”. Now the quest item only disappears after finishing the second quest in the chain
  • Fixed the marker for the quest “Tiger Rage”
  • Fixed the marker for the quest “Genealogical Tree”
  • Fixed the marker for the quest “Last Term”
Frozen Frontier
  • Quest credit for killing monsters will no longer be given to players that are not in the group that killed the monster
  • Reduced the spawn time on the Dark Lord
  • Improved the load time for the Sewers
  • Added a character animation for the quest “Civil Duty”
  • Fixed the lightning in the Xadaganian Astral Academy
  • Added a new type of artifact to the XAES
  • Fixed the lighting in the XAES
Igsh Military District
  • Increased the amount of Xadaganian Mares
  • Changed the mechanics for the quest “Milk for the Wounded”
  • Reduced the spawn time on Lupas the Sparkplug
  • Reduced the casting time of the Bone Saw for the quest “Experimental Weapons”
  • Fixed the mechanics for the quest “Practice on the Spiders”
  • Reduced the spawn time on Voxa the Fierce
  • Changed the mechanics for the quest “Blue Bullies”
  • Fixed the marker and mechanics for the quest “Helping the Sharpshooters”
  • Changed the mechanics for the quest “The Mysterious Totem”
  • Reduced the respawn time on Shaky Bones
  • The Stygian Passages now correctly work
  • Improved various graphics
  • Changed the mechanics for the quest “Delivering the Good News”
  • Changed the item needed to complete the quest “Bolstering Supplies” to Weak Copper Strips
  • Necro-Rhino now correctly spawns in the Necro-Incubator
  • Improved the graphics in the Cesspool
  • Reduced the spawn time on Termilla
  • Merged the quests “Meeting with a Fanatic” and “Revelations of a Fanatic”
  • Reduced the spawn time on the Necro-Rhino
Dead Sea
  • Reduced the spawn time on The Scorpion King
  • The Stygian Passages now correctly work


  • Crafting resources now have different qualities
  • The ore needed for the quest “Mining Basics” now spawns correctly
  • Added additional crafting components
  • Fixed various bugs with the training quests
  • Now quest rewards for the profession training quests are more suitable for beginning crafters
  • Adjusted the vendor prices of various crafting components
Herbalism and Mining
  • Improved the spawn locations of resources in Lightwood and Nezebgrad
  • Base of Weak Copper Ore is now needed for various quests instead of Limestone
  • Increases the number of items that can be disassembled
  • Fixed the tooltips of disassembling tools
  • If the crafting process ends in failure, the player will receive a weaker version of the potion instead of a Strange Mixture
Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing
  • Added new recipes of skill level 380 and higher
  • Weak Copper Base can now be mined
  • Increased the chance to increase your skill level after successfully crafting an item
  • Changed the stats on various items
  • New high level components have been added that can be used to make high level items
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