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The world of Allods is vast and difficult to travel in. Thankfully, there are ways to move over large distances very quickly.

In every major city or village of an area you can find a portal. Portals can instantly teleport you to any other city that has a portal connected to that network. To use them, you must first defeat the Portal Guardian (talk to the Portal Keepers about portal for details). Once you do it, you can always teleport to that location by talking to any other Portal Keeper from that network.

Portal Keepers and Ancient June Ruins will also allow you to bind your Adventurer's Stone to their location, which will enable you to teleport to that Portal Keeper from anywhere in the world every 30 minutes.

Empire Portals

Nezebgrad: Bort Portal Keeper

Nezebgrad: Imperial Square - Imperial Square Keeper - only accessible after finishing the quest (gaining Respected reputation with the Xadaganians, Arisen and Orcs faction). Its located inside the Yasker tower.

Nezebgrad: Nezebgrad Port - only accessible once you start building your own ship

Nezebgrad: Astral Quarter, Izune, Victory Park, Hadron Quarter, Old Square

Lab 13: Ruined Hallway - first time only accessible from Bort Portal Keeper

Igsh Military District: Igsh Recruitment Center

Igsh Military District: Igsh Armory

Igsh Military District: Imperial Hospital

Igsh Military District: Imperial Training Camp

Severny Steppe: Old Barracks

Dead Sea: Seventh Seabed Resort

Dead Sea: Coral Canyon

Dead Sea: Pridonsk

ZIT Headquarters: Tep's Pyramid

Wild Isles: Savage Isle

Asee Teph: Central Imperial Camp

Eljune: Kotelny Camp

Coba Plateau: Russet Station

Yazes Shard: Imperial Settlement

League Portals

Lightwood: Novograd Portal Keeper

Siveria: Molotovka Portal Keeper

Siveria: Cape of Good Hope Portal Keeper

Frozen Frontier: Quiet Harbor Portal Keeper

Darkwater: Valir Settlement Portal Keeper

Tenebra: Summer Manor Portal Keeper

Asee-Teph: Central League Camp Portal Keeper

Eljune: Maddox Depot Portal Keeper

Coba Plateau: Brazen Hill Portal Keeper

Yazes Shard: League Settlement Portal Keeper

Neutral Portals

Neutral portals can be used by players of both factions.

Eljune: Eljune Bazaar Portal Keeper

Eljune: Takalik Harbor Portal Keeper

Coba Plateau: Prospectors' Inn Portal Keeper

Coldberg: Swindlerville Portal Keeper

Cradle: stable space zone

Cradle isle: Frozen Peak

Dragon Ring: Hunters' Camp Portal Keeper


Gipat: Crossroads

Gipat: Defiled Ruins

Gipat: Village

Isle of Revelation: Master's Citadel

Isle of Revelation: Rusty Marsh

Wandering Isle: Cultist camp

Ancient June Ruins

Ancient June Ruins are also used as portals to travel between regions:

Siveria (Cape of Good Hope) - Frozen Frontier (Quiet Harbor)

Darkwater (The Great Tree) - Tenebra (Summer Manor)

Nezebgrad (Nezebgrad Port) - Dream Factory

Gipat (Kansha Ruins) to:

  • Nezebgrad (Bort Quarter)
  • Novograd
  • Crossroad
  • Melting Isle

Gipat (Gipatia) to:

  • Nezebgrad (Bort Quarter)
  • Novograd
  • Crossroad

Crossroads to:

  • Nezebgrad (Bort Quarter)
  • Novograd
  • Gipatia
  • Astral Cemetery
  • June Temple

These ruins are also used to travel between allods in Wild Isles and Dragon Ring.

Astral Ships

Some regions can be reached by boarding an Astral Ship. You board a ship by standing on the circular blue platform and pressing "Z", which will launch you to a similar blue platform aboard the ship. You exit the ship in the same manner, pressing "Z" after the ship stops at the next port.

Lightwood (Novograd Port) - Asee-Teph (Central League Camp)

Lightwood (Novograd Port) - Avilon

Nezebgrad (Nezebgrad Port - western part) - Asee-Teph

Nezebgrad (Nezebgrad Port - western part) - Avilon

Nezebgrad (Nezebgrad Port - eastern part) - Wild Isles (Fierce Isle)

Nezebgrad (Nezebgrad Port - eastern part) - Lookout Isle

Coba Plateau (Isles of Weakness) - Dragon Ring (Hunters' Camp)

Eljune (Takalik Harbor) - Coldberg (Swindlerville)

Special Cases

Captured Sites of Power in Asee-Teph can be used for transportation if your faction's Chaneller is around it. Player can talk with the Chaneller and choose the Site of Power he wants to travel to (if it belongs to his faction). Only accessible to players under level 30.

Yazes Shard area can be reached by using a Scroll of Teleportation. You can obtain this scroll from your faction's leader when you reach Level 38. Similar with ZIT Headquarters zone for Imperial players.

You can reach the Dark Shards allods in Avilon after completing a quest chain. Yaver Musem will teleport you to any one of them.