Professions in Allods Online provide an alternative way to spend time, and acquire wealth as well as powerful items. New characters can only learn one profession, while it's possible to learn a second one with a lot of effort.

Learning and Unlearning a Profession

To learn any profession, you need to purchase and use a Training Manual from any Trainer that can teach that profession.

You can unlearn any profession anytime you like, by purchasing and drinking the Oblivion Potion of that profession.

Training Manual and Oblivion Potion cost 38Silver each.

Gathering Professions

Gathering skills can be very useful and profitable throughout the many allods you will discover in the world of Sarnaut. Foraging for Herbs, Mining or Disassembling magical items will generate useful reagents for crafting or profit.

Crafting Professions

Crafting within the world of Sarnaut can be a uniquely fun and profitable experience. Each craft uses different types of ingredients, various combinations of materials and mini-games within the crafting itself. Many crafted items will be commonly desired by players and can be sold through the Auction House or in personal trade interactions.

Choosing a profession

Each profession has its advantages and drawbacks:

  • Gathering professions cost nothing to train (with the exception of Disassembling), so they are more suited to new players
  • Gathering resources consumes a lot of time and effort (Herbalism/Mining), or gold (Disassembling)
  • Herbalism is more profitable early on, Mining is more profitable at the end-game phase
  • Crafting professions are expensive to train, so they are usually picked by players that have gathered some wealth
  • Crafting usually requires no special effort (though it can be time-consuming in case of crafting high-quality equipment)
  • Alchemy is generally considered to be the most profitable crafting skill, since some issues and bugs associated with other professions don't allow them to reach their full potential
  • There are far more plate users than leather/cloth players, so Blacksmithing can be more profitable than Tailoring/Leatherworking

Second Profession

Getting a permission to learn a second profession is a difficult task that takes a lot of time and effort.

First you need to become Respected with your local Crafters' or Suppliers' Guild. There are only a few quests that provide reputation with them:

  • Tutorial quests: each profession has three tutorial quests (which reward you with 250 reputation each). You can learn/unlearn all crafting or gathering professions before you start training the one you chose, which will reward you with a total of 2250 Suppliers' reputation or 3000 Crafters' reputation.
  • Repeatable daily quests: each guild offers a daily quest that rewards you with 250 reputation every day (such as Help for the League Crafters' Guild and Help for the League Suppliers' Guild)

You need 25000 reputation to become respected, and you start with 2500. That means that you will need at least 81 days for Suppliers' Guild, and at least 78 for Crafters' Guild. You can further reduce that time by using Scrolls of Knowledge or Scrolls of Enlightenment, which increase reputation gains.

When you are Respected with any of the two Guilds, you will be able to purchase the Artisan's Permit. Its base cost is 475Gold, while you get a 5% discount for being Respected, so you will only have to pay 450Gold.

The Artisan's Permit is required to complete the quest that will reward you with a Parchment of the Master Artisan, which allows you to learn a second profession (League quest or Imperial quest)

By using the Parchment you permanently gain a second profession slot (you can learn/unlearn a profession without losing the slot). The Parchment can also be sold to other players, but in that case you will never be able to learn a second profession.
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