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Psycionists skills


3 values in some skills' description show these values at 1,2 and 3 rank.

1. Psychic Shock. Range - 40. Mana consumption - 13. Cast time - 3 seconds. Cooldown - instant. Psionicist focus his mind and makes 3 fast attacks, dealing 5.7 points of Astral damage. There is 10% chance that Psionicist would gain a Sharpened Senses effect that reduces the cast time of the Mental Link by 100%.

2. Mental Link. Range - 40. Mana consumption - 78. Cast time - 6 seconds. Cooldown - 22 seconds. Psionicist establish a mental contact with a target, which is required for some of his abilities. If the target goes too far away from the Psionicist, the contact will be broken. Contact Minds gives the Psionicist a Perseverance Triumph, which increases his Perseverance by 5/10/15% (one of the stats that affects the chance to successfully use Control type spell)&nbsp In some situations Contact Minds may cause a Astral Echo effect, which may inflict damage to the target or stun it.&nbsp Astral Echo gives 4 effects of Mental Stress to the Psionicist.

3. Shock Wave. Range - 30. Mana consumption - 13. Cast time - instant. Cooldown - 10 seconds. A powerful mental attack focused on one enemy. Target receive from 4 to 5/6 to 7/ 7 to 8 1-second lasting "Shocked" effects, which forbids movement, parry, block, dodge, use of skills and spells.&nbsp If attacked, there is 70/50/30% chance that target will lose 3-4 "Shocked" effects.

4. Mental Shield. Range - . Mana consumption - 13. Cast time - Instant. Cooldown - 6 seconds. Creates a mental shield that protects from any attacks, stuns, knockdowns for 4 seconds. It also absorbs 34.5 points of damage. The amount of absorbed damage depends on the Intelligence of the Psionicist. Use of Mind Shield gives 4 stacks of Mental Overload effect to the Psionicist.

5. Trance. Range - . Mana consumption - . Cast time - 10 seconds. Cooldown - 30 seconds. Psionicist enters a Trance, restoring all of his mana in 10/9/8 seconds out of the combat, or in 20 seconds during the combat.&nbsp Received damage doubles when in Trance. Successful meditation clears all Mental Stress effects and give immunity to Mental Stress for 30/45/60 seconds.

6. Mental Twin. Range - 18. Mana consumption - 13. Cast time - instant. Cooldown - instant. Affects the mind of an enemy, creating an illusion. Makes the Psionicist invisible. Spell available only if Contact Minds is in effect. An Illusion receives double damage from all attacks.

7. Choke. Range - 40. Mana consumption - 105. Cast time - 9 seconds. Cooldown - 22 seconds. A mental attack that chokes the target for ??? Astral damage,increasing each second

8. Pain Transfer. Range - 40. Mana consumption - 43. Cast time - 3.5 seconds. Cooldown - instant. May be precharged. A mental attack inflicting 14.8-21.3 points of Astral damage and transferring 2 Mental Stress effects from the Psionicist to the target.

9. Hypnosis. Range - 40. Mana consumption - 34. Cast time - 4.5/3.0/1.5 seconds.&nbsp Cooldown - instant. Mental effort, capable of over 4.5/3.0/1.5 seconds to stop all the mental activity of the target and bring it into a state of stupor.&nbsp Spell available only if Contact Minds is in effect.

10. Mental Pulse. Radius - 5. Mana consumption - 13. Cast time - instant. Cooldown - 30 seconds. Creates a mental wave around the Psionicist which interrupts all enemy spells, knocking back and stunning all targets for 2 seconds. On knock down enemy receive additional 5.2 points of damage and the Psionicist restores a part of his mana.

11. Mental Cleansing. Range - . Mana consumption - 26. Cast time - 2 seconds. Cooldown - instant. Clears 1 negative effect, while healing the Psionicist for 46.0 points. Adds 3-4 Mental Stress effects.

12. Empathetic gift. Range - 30. Mana consumption - 132. Cast time - 1.5 seconds. Cooldown - instant. May be precharged. Psionicist gives a portion of his mana to an ally. Both receive Mental Stress effect. Also target receives Empathy effect, which lowers his threat to the enemies by 50%.

13. Telekinetic Pull. Range - 40. Radius - 10. Mana consumption - 13. Cast time - instant. Cooldown - 20 seconds. All the enemies at a distance of 10 from the selected point are draw to this point. There is 10/20/30% chance to stun enemies for 3 seconds.

14. Clouded Vision. Range - 40. Mana consumption - 13. Cast time - instant. Cooldown - 40 seconds. Lowers the visible distance of the target to 15 meters. Effect lasts for 1 minute if out of the combat or for 10 seconds during the combat.

15. Will Suppression. Range - 40. Mana consumption - 13. Cast time - instant. Cooldown - 22 seconds. Mental effort similar to the Contact Minds but more rough, fast and time-limited. Immobilizes the enemy if successful, causes Psionicist to enter the combat and has a lower chance of working than Mental Link.

16. Wall of Blades. Range - . Mana consumption - 104. Cast time - 8 seconds. Cooldown - 120/100/80 seconds.&nbsp Creates a mental whirlwind around the Psionicist, which snatches weapons of all opponents within a radius of 10, inflicting periodical damage of 5.1 every 2 seconds and protects Psionicist from physical attacks.&nbsp After 8 seconds Psionicist stops controling the whirlwind and snatched weapons fly in all directions causing damage to opponents.

17. Spectral Assassin. Range - 30. Mana consumption - 52. Cast time - 4 seconds. Cooldown - 120 seconds. Psionicist summons a phantasmal copy of the enemy which attacks it`s prototype. Phantasmal killer drains mana from his target. It`s damage increases by 5% every second. Phantasmal Killer may be attacked only by its prototype. Spell may be used only if Contact Minds is in effect.

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