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Goblin Scavengers
Start Alexey Sinitsyn
End Alexey Sinitsyn
Level 17 (Req. Unknown)
Category Dead Sea
Experience 540
Reputation 250
Rewards Thin Cotton Jersey or Thin Cotton Shirt
11s 88c
It's not enough to simply destroy the scavengers. If we kill ten today, they'll all be replaced within a month. The rabble from the wastes are always happy to do this work. It's the highest paying job their kind is offered.
Deep in the goblin encampment you should find where they stockpile the salt. They only ship it off to the Godfather every couple of weeks, and I'd guess that right about now their stash is quite big.
Take this magic mine that the Arisen scientists created for the Council. Set it next to their stores and run. It should set them back quite a bit and teach them a good lesson. Of course, I doubt you'll be able to make it to their stash without a good fight, but you must be used to fighting by now.


Blow up the stash of salt in the goblin encampment south and report to Alexey Sinitsyn.


Aha, see what a great sense of hearing I've got! Excellent work! The Council is pleased to grant you a reward. Carry it with pride.



You can find salt stash under the only tent in Goblin Encampment. Just right-click the mine, in your bag, near it.