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Again About Gorluxor
Start Yasker
End Crazystorm the Merciless
Level 37
Type World Mystery - Strange Cultists (Empire)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 352
Rewards 17s 62c
Previous Mail for Yasker
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I want to get back to our conversation about Gorluxor.
Storm mentioned him at the last Imperial Council meeting. So, one way or the other, there's news about Gorluxor. When I reminded him that mutinous Great Mage was dead - and in the most irreversible way - Storm stopped short and promised to recheck all the information and report to me personally. That's because Gorluxor and I have our own accounts to settle.
And here you show up, and again I hear that odious name.
I want to get this matter under my personal control. In other words, I'm giving you an assignment.
Go see Storm, and get him to tell you everything he knows about Gorluxor.


Meet Crazystorm the Merciless in Nezebgrad and speak with him about Gorluxor.


Argh! I knew Yasker wouldn't forget about Gorluxor!
So he gave you the job... Okay, listen up!


  • 352 XP


This quest solves the fifth part of the World Mystery:Strange Cultists (Empire).