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Almost For Free
Start Sivoyar Foroksky
End Sivoyar Foroksky
Level Unknown
Category Novograd
Rewards 4s 84c
Come here, turn around. Let me take a good look at you.
Hm… Okay, I see! You are lucky to have met me. As a true Elf, I cannot conceal the truth and prudishly avert my eyes. I call 'em like I see 'em.
You need new bags, spacious and convenient. What kind of traveler would you be without them!
Fortunately for you, I am a sales representative of Exclusive, an Elven trading corporation. Our products aren't sold in stores - they are only sold person to person. That's what guarantees the quality, security, and exclusivity of our goods! Right now we're running a promotion called "Trade-in-your-hunting-trophies-and-get-a-free-bag!" Join the action!
What kind of trophies? Let me read you the full list. Okay, it says… Three whole mite shells, three thin bee wings, one whole yak bone, and one deer antler. Note how convenient it is - all the beasts you have to hunt live nearby. Well, relatively speaking. So you can get your new bags almost for free!


Collect 3 Intact Mite Shells, 3 Thin Bee Wings, 1 Intact Yak Bone, and 1 pair of Majestic Deer Horns for Sivoyar Foroksky.


You've done it?! Wow, what stamina!
The bags are yours!


  • 4s 84c


This quest used to have a Bag of the Trooper (24-slot bag) as the main reward. This quest reward has been removed in patch 1.1, though the quest is still available.

The required items can be acquired in Lightwood and Siveria:

  • Intact Mite Shells drop from Hungry Mites in Lightwood
  • Iridescent Bee Wings drop from Honey Bees and Raging Bees in Lightwood
  • Intact Yak Bones drop from the Taiga Yaks in Siveria, near Molotovka
  • Majestic Deer Antlers drop from Taiga Deers in Siveria, near Molotovka

The drop rate for all these items is considerably low. For that reason most players used to gather in large groups called "bag raids" which in theory increase the drop chance.