League Title
Alternative Methods
Start Marina Jidkova
End Marina Jidkova
Level 25
Category Asee-Teph
Rewards Holy Rune
5Silver 88Copper
If you don't want to seek out this "Item Shop there might be another way to get a rune. Supposedly, various compounds can be combined to create one. I've never actually tried it, but I think I could do it if I had the right ingredients.
The first things I need are Astral compounds. There are few people that carry such a dangerous reagent. You're most likely to find them on cultists. They already consort with demons so a little bit of powder probably seems benign in comparison. Lately they've been spotted near the Overcharged Shore and the June Stronghold.
Secondly I will need some Elemental compounds. You should be able to find those on Air, Stone and Water Elementals. You should go to the Miktlan Ruins to find such creatures.
Third, I will need some Magical compounds. They'll probably be carried by powerful mages. You should search the ones that guard the League's Sites of Power.
Finally, I need some Natural compounds. The best source for those should be the carnivorous plants around Uskul.
Once you bring me ten of each type of compound, I'll try and make a Holy Rune for you. Hopefully I'll succeed and you'll be able to commune with your patron!


Bring 10 Astral Compounds, 10 Elemental Compounds, 10 Magical Compounds and 10 Natural Compounds to Marina Jidkova.



The main reward for this quest is a Holy Rune, which is required to achieve the second level of patronage. Another way to obtain the rune is to buy one from other players or from the Item Shop.

  • Astral Compounds are dropped by Darksoul Assassins and Sorcerers (they can be found near Overcharged Shore)
  • Elemental Compounds are dropped by all elementals near Miktlan Ruins
  • Natural Compounds are dropped by Bloodthirsty Plants near the Uskul the Dead City
  • Magical Compounds are dropped by League Channelers or Imperial Channelers that guard Sites of Power

Players claim that creating compound raids improves the drop chances, as long as all raid members have the quest active. Additionally, cooperation between League and Empire players in capturing the Sites of Power can significantly speed up the gathering of Magical Compounds.

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