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Empire Title.png
An Eternal Enemy
Start Sarang Ahhotep
End Mark Staritsyn
Level 10
Experience 6
Rewards Mysterious Ruby
The Arisen owe their existence to an ancient crazed sorcerer by the name of Tep. He is their progenitor as well as their curse. The Arisen are currently searching for his whereabouts for few believe that Tep is dead.
Allods world mystery book.png Studying the heritage of Tep, the forefather of the Arisen is one of the main tasks of the Arisen Historians. Why is it that they're so interested in this? A thirst for knowledge? Or maybe it's just the fear of dreadful and mighty enemy?
Allods world mystery book.png The incident that transpired at ZIT Headquarters has effectively answered the main question of the Arisen - Tep is alive! Not only that, he appears to be just as devious and powerful as ever. The mad necromancer may prove to be a threat to the entire world!
Allods world mystery book.png While investigating the circumstances of the strange events on the bottom of the Dead Sea, new traces of Tep have been discovered. It appears that he is interested not only in the activities of the ZIT, but also in the power of Tensess' Gift.
Allods world mystery book.png The fears of the Arisen are justified! Tep is just as dangerous and unpredictable as ever! He has many followers and informants to keep track of everything that's happening in the world and he jumps at any opportunity to grow stronger. Sooner or later he will reveal himself to the world once more and there will be no choice but to fight him!



  • Mysterious Ruby
  • 6 Experience

Quest Chain

Part 1:

Part 2:

  • The Mysterious Intruders
  • Secret Portal
  • The Main Secret of the Pyramid
  • Tep Reborn

Part 3:

  • The Eternal City
  • He Left and Never Came Back
  • Stranded Spirits
  • Mysterious Shadows
  • Shady Business
  • Dance of the Black Shadows

Part 4:

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